This piece by Amy Collier is troubling in so many ways:

I've had a copy of We Make The Road By Walking on my table for a week but I can't even find the courage to read it.

@blamb I was JUST tweeting about this at just the same moment. That essay is so scarring because it strikes me as so true. Really hard to confront it. I'm on a newish train, to see if we can get more style leaders to step up and take our 4-5 years, knowing full well what will happen to most of us. The alternative is to spend our time working for incompetent-- and sometimes much worse than simply incompetent-- leaders.

@actualham @blamb "Leadership is heart breaking…and if it’s not, you might be doing it wrong."

Love it! I think this is what I mean when I compare leading a team to parenting... (though I won't use that comparison in *next* interview 🙃)

@Tdorey @actualham @blamb I have this tab open on my desktop too, as I'm writing a reflection on mastodon and HortonFreire's chapter 3, and as I'm stepping into a leadership role again.

I made the same deliberation as Robin in accepting this role: that stepping in is an alternative to something else that will surely happen.

is something I'd like to think more about. Because clearly.

@katebowles @actualham @blamb It works and you can get some great stuff done so long as you are ok with at some point being relegated to Siberia (which I'm finding has its own fun) while watching old team members suffer (which I hope I never get used to.)

@blamb I hope you read it. It is like a conversation that you already had that someone just wrote down for you. That's how it made me feel. - a good thing, a good place, a good discussion - that can take place because it is separated from the mess of now that might be the thing keeping you from starting it. @bryanalexander had a book club on it a while back and there was lots fo great discussion.

ps it's very nice to see you here.

@blamb pps I just realised I replied to a 2 year old post ! looked to see if you had visited and I missed anything from you. Got excited and didn't look at the date. Hope you read part of that book since then, sometimes it takes me that long to read stuff. Regardless of reading or not, it is still nice to see you here. :)

@lauraritchie - I can't believe that post was so old. I knew I had been quiet over here, but it's like eighteen months just melted away.

Thanks for the nudge to revisit *We Make the Road..." Bryan's book club unearthed a lot of nuggets in the course of the discussion, it does seem great.

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