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I feel like in my brevity I did a disservice to the Knowledge Makers, I don't think anyone was coerced. The researchers could have declined to speak if they wished. The care and respect given to the researchers was what made this project special. Hope people will check out the site rather than me speak.

One researcher gave her first copy to another in the cohort, thanking her for being a "warrior" that encouraged and supported. It was moving.

Taking a crack at , to honour the wonderful session and my friends @lauraritchie @katebowles @tdorey

I attended the 2019 journal launch of Knowledge Makers, an Indigenous student research network at TRU. KM embodies the power of human scale, intimacy, care. Each student gave a speech, and presented their first copy to a family member or supporter. Many spoke of a new sense of self-worth and connection because of their journey.

Previous years here: knowledgemakers.trubox.ca

@sleslie - I was just thinking this week I had not seen much use of Google Custom Search lately. Alas, it's still a thing.

more and different workplace awful (cancer) 

@katebowles - So awful. Human debris tossed aside. And I know a similar case here that did not have a happy ending.

@grantpotter You have me thinking I need to up my suitcase drumkit sticker game.

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- Heya Stephen! More on the OpenETC here: opened.ca/

We have gotten this underway in a low-key, organic way... but we're growing steadily and we have some cool stuff seeded and ready to sprout.

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@clintlalonde - Not only cheered up... I know where I will be eating out alone tonight.

And, later I'll watch a movie that was better than E.T..


Living my best life. And I'M LOVING IT!

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@sleslie - Buddy, I logged in here to *avoid* my scared, unprepared existence. Signed, Gravewhistler @dnorman @tanbob

@kenbauer - Doing a little better after hearing from you. Sending my best to Guadalajara.

@clintlalonde "I like a rut. People call me up and say, 'I hope I'm not disturbing your rut, calling you up like this.' They know how much I like it." (Andy Warhol, reportedly)

@clintlalonde @fncll @Mweller @greeneterry - A lot of Saskatchewan people adopted the Oilers back then, myself included. Not only the closest team to Saskatoon geographically, but an insanely talented and entertaining one as well. We were lucky.

I saw a couple games at Northlands that season as well -- a road trip with my Dad that remains one of my most treasured set of memories. Gretzky was even more impressive in person, he had an almost supernatural sense of anticipation.

@lauraritchie - I can't believe that post was so old. I knew I had been quiet over here, but it's like eighteen months just melted away.

Thanks for the nudge to revisit *We Make the Road..." Bryan's book club unearthed a lot of nuggets in the course of the discussion, it does seem great.

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'Things get a little weird around the 3-minute mark, where we hit the mandatory “see these guys are fun” section. This one involves various hats and costumes, as well as Marty McSorley wearing a long blond wig and presumably telling Gretzky “this is how you’ll start wearing your hair once you get traded to L.A.”'

"More and more I love it of them, the being in them, the mixing in them, the repeating in them, the deciding the kind of them every one is who has human being."

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Has it really been nearly two years since I quoted Stein's The Making of Americans?

"I want readers so strangers must do it. Mostly no one knowing me can like it that I love it that every one is of a kind of men and women, that always I am looking and comparing and classifying of them, always I am seeing their repeating. Always more and more I love repeating, it may be irritating to hear from them but always more and more I love it of them."

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"So this is “The Moment in Time”, from the classic VHS “The Boys On The Bus”, which chronicled the 1986-87 Oilers’ chase for the Cup. If you were an Edmonton fan back then, you owned this tape and probably still have it memorized to this day. If you weren’t, and you’re seeing this for the first time, you’re in for a treat."

@lauraritchie - Not sure if others have answered, but wifi has usually been easy to find when I have been to Mexico the last few times. In Guadalajara at least, every hotel I've stayed in, and many cafes offer it freely. Resort areas are the same.

Where will you be? Harry and I will be going to Mexico City and Guanajuato after Christmas. (I'm looking to local sim cards to help us navigate El Monstruo.) @clhendricksbc @econproph @fgraver @kenbauer

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