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I still don’t get mastodon… but my account is still a thing that exists!

I still don’t get mastodon… but my account is still a thing that exists!

Is this still a thing? Because I forgot about it, but it could still be a thing!

I mean, lots of things I don’t even know about are things. For example, I was drone racing on ESPN the other day. That’s a thing! Who knew?

My point is, when will I get to be a professional drone racer?

"Date of birth?"

Scott pauses. Thinks for far longer than he should.

Asker questions if this is an imposter.

Scott gets it right! Woo!

Hey, people on here, why not give some money to help cancer research? And to make me happy? Don't you want me to be happy?

Shirtless PBS action 

PBS: the classy channel.

Although, to be fair, Poldark is dreamy.

Operation take the GRE again to improve my math score but hopefully not get anything lower in the other two parts of the test was a success! My math score went up a couple of points (which translates to 12 percentile better... still not a great score but one I'm happy with) and my other two scores (verbal and writing) were exactly the same. 😎

Yesterday’s run was much better than I thought it would be. Today the temp is far better, but it doth rain.

Day update:

* 3.1 miles ran in some crazy humidity (and my time wasn't too awful).
* 2 slices of pizza consumed.
* Currently reading the book I plan to finish today.

No too bad, Saturday, not too bad.

Today I plan to run a few miles, eat 2 slices of pizza (as I do every Saturday), and then finish reading my 5th book of the month.

Things I don't have to do: take the GRE again. Hurrah!


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