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on a scale of 1 to baked im a fuckin chicken pot pie

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ill MS Paint you whatever you request. just reply, I got you fam.

here is a horse.

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im gonna make a rap album called 'crushing pussy' but it will just be 16 tracks of me striking out with women lmao

on a scale of 1 to baked im a fuckin chicken pot pie

messages for web is the laggiest pile ever. there must be a better option.

drop the bass

/me blasts home improvement theme

all night long

let me see that thong

(literally no thongs in the video lol)

If you're looking for quick frags, can't recommend Armajet enough. All platforms.

Addicting, easy, games take minutes.

with the fiasco and banning an app from the store used to communicate in HK - why isnt mastodon more popular? dont even need an app shit just works on everything all the time.

After spending a week on CoD Mobile - every match in BR or Multiplayer is basically all bots.

Same names being reused 24/7, and the terrible AI lol.

ive been dragging my god damned windows around my monitors for years. Windows+Shift+Arrow.


A boost and no fave sends the specific message of "I don't like this, but others need to see it."

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