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ill MS Paint you whatever you request. just reply, I got you fam.

here is a horse.

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im gonna make a rap album called 'crushing pussy' but it will just be 16 tracks of me striking out with women lmao

Lampshades were invented in 1879, the same time as the light bulb.

What if we called oranges a purple melon. Like in the creation of language man. The word purple could be orange.

Fuck I need to sit a couple plays out.

Next time someone is pissing you off, give them some random facts. Here's one.

Strawberries are packed with fibre.

They will look at you oddly and you can walk away smiling like an idiot.

I never pull out early.

I make sure I get every last drop in.

Gas is expensive these days.

If any ladies and or hood rats are down with micro peens hit me up

Anyone wanna get really high and talk about feelings?

Almost got into bed without my phone. What was I thinking, trying to get a good night's sleep? Top kek

*coughs for 5 minutes straight*

fuck. thats a lotta dank.

fuckin butch Cassidy and the sun dance cheeseburger

the delivery guy came and I was running around like a crazy person looking for something to wear.

i couldnt find a single pair of jorts anywhere.

where the FUCK are my jorts!

"alright everybody this is a stick up! real deal! real guns! full cooperation and no one gets done. now you're gonna listen to the story that im trying to say cause you're now rapping with the best..."


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