@bleakgrey @Mastodon @elementary That's wonderful. Are there other native linux clients? Hopefully this will get packaged for some other distros as well. Anyone with packaging experience for interested in guiding me through the process?

@bleakgrey Looks great! Is there an @elementary AppCenter update required before the link will work? I can't find Tootle via manual search either. Excited to check it out!

@ennenine @elementary It may take a while to refresh the lists. In my case a reboot helped.

@bleakgrey @Mastodon @elementary Using it now. It's very cool, although it supports only 500 characters, while my instance supports 1000.

@drequivalent At the moment I'm not aware of an API to get the supported character limit, sorry

@drequivalent @bleakgrey It's not some reason, I've stated it multiple times: I don't think the basic UX should be different between instances, so people can choose based on community and policies rather than who has the best features. At the same time, I don't think that anything above 500 characters should still be considered a microblog, you're better off writing an article and linking to it. Why even have a limit if everyone's gonna change it? Think about the people who're going to read it.

@drequivalent @bleakgrey OTOH what client apps could do is just let you submit toots above 500 characters, let the server figure out the validation.

@Gargron @bleakgrey It's convenient and expected to show remaining characters. In order to do this, the app must know the character limit, so it has to ask the API.

@drequivalent @Gargron Since there's no official API for this and I don't want to remove the character counter, I think I'll just make a private dconf setting so it wouldn't clutter the settings.

I think this is the most optimal solution as changing the limit is not officially supported.

> Think about the people who're going to read it.
That's exactly what I do. I've heard enough of complaints about my multipart posts when I explain something complex, that I had to raise the limit.
Besides, long form posts will be on the Fediverse whether @Gargron likes it or not, and Mastodon'd better prepare and correct the UI around this cold hard fact of life.

@drequivalent @bleakgrey mainline mastodon does not have it, but glitchsoc fork and pleroma do have an endpoint for character limit.
Tusky implements it, too.

@bleakgrey @Mastodon @elementary

This is great! Been intching for a desktop masto client!


'libgranite-dev' can't seem to install in #Debian 9 (stretch).
Is it too much to ask for a precompiled binary on the releases page?

@falgn0n @bleakgrey @Mastodon @elementary

Is there now a .deb for debian 9 somewhere ?

Can't compile since the libgranit is missing…  Thx

@lm @bleakgrey @Mastodon @elementary

I can't answer: I stopped using it so I dunno.

(don't really like it, purely subjective personal preference)

@falgn0n I use whalebird but too slow on my computer...

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