I just released 1.0 (Alpha 1), which aims to be a lightweight Mastodon client for Linux desktops and phones :toot:

You can read the change log and download the sources here:

A Flatpak version will be prepared soon, so stay tuned :3

I was about to write about being my pet project that I maintain in my free time and that donations keep me motivated...

But then I remembered that PayPal has suspended my account, lol

Let's put this topic on hold and just have a nice day instead while I'm looking for an alternative, mkay? :blobcat:

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@bleakgrey You don't seem a fan of Patron, so check this out in case you did not know about:

@minkiu It's powered by Stripe, which doesn't work in Russia :c

@nezhac @minkiu it's what I'm using now, but it processes payments using PayPal

@bleakgrey just put a bitcoin address of yours somewhere and we can donate there. Or even better w/ btcpayserver.
I discovered #Tootle today and I think it is great.

@bleakgrey is this still targeted at elementary OS? or does the removal of libgranite not change the desktop focus?

@oct2pus Granite is no more! Tootle is now targeted at GNOME

@bleakgrey @oct2pus very happy about this :) tootle crashes on startup for me still, but I hope I can help by figuring out why.

@bleakgrey I'll do that when I can give some useful information with the bug report ;)

@nurinoas Feel free to open issues with concrete suggestions (if they don't exist yet) :>

@bleakgrey this name is already taken by an iOS client that has been around a while, you should probably think about a more general name too if you are planning on supporting Pleroma or Misskey or any other compatible servers that don't use the Toot phrasing...

@liaizon @bleakgrey yeah naming is hard. I was convinced this thread was about the other Tootle app when I was mentioned earlier. It's definitely an issue.
(and congrads for your v1.0! 🙂)

@bleakgrey Sweet! 🤩​

A project like this has been on my wishlist for a while.

@bleakgrey I see both Tootle and Oliphant fork on @elementary's AppCenter. Could you or @alex please explain the difference between the two so that I could make an educated decision on which one to use?

@input_sh Tootle no longer targets elementary OS, and will not receive updates on AppCenter anymore.

While Tootle was being refactored, @alex volunteered to maintain the project for elementary by forking it into Oliphant.

tl;dr: If you're on elementary, choose Oliphant instead

@bleakgrey Great, It finaly doesn't crash on start for me anymore.

I know custom Gtk themes are not supported, but I still like flat-remix-gtk very much. But there are a few issues with it on tootle. I'd be great if you could look into that.

@bleakgrey This client looks really good 👍 I prefer webclients on my desktop computer but I'll try out Tootle on my PinePhone when it arrives.The screenshots look like it's more or less responsible so I hope that it works well on the small display.

@bleakgrey It will be one of the first apps I test.Mastodon is already one of the most important use cases for my current phone.Let's see when the PinePhone arrives.

@bleakgrey Great work! I'm really a fan of the 1.0, and I can see a lot of great improvements, both stability-wise and feature-wise.

@bleakgrey One thing, though: Is it just on my machine or does the app download all media to the home folder and open it from there by design?

@phel They should appear in "$HOME/Downloads/Tootle". If they appear *just* in your Home, then it's a bug and I'd like that reported.

@bleakgrey Ah I see. Yes, they do appear just in my home dir. I don't have a GitHub Account and I don't plan on creating one, so is there another way?

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