I just released 1.0 (Alpha 1), which aims to be a lightweight Mastodon client for Linux desktops and phones :toot:

You can read the change log and download the sources here: github.com/bleakgrey/tootle/re

A Flatpak version will be prepared soon, so stay tuned :3

I was about to write about being my pet project that I maintain in my free time and that donations keep me motivated...

But then I remembered that PayPal has suspended my account, lol

Let's put this topic on hold and just have a nice day instead while I'm looking for an alternative, mkay? :blobcat:

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@bleakgrey You don't seem a fan of Patron, so check this out in case you did not know about: comradery.co/

@minkiu It's powered by Stripe, which doesn't work in Russia :c


@nezhac @minkiu it's what I'm using now, but it processes payments using PayPal

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