Things I wish I could ship with 1.0:
- better UI/UX for phones
- better Profile view
- Pleroma support
- follow requests in Notifications
- more locales

These things will be included in the next minor updates. For now you can expect the core functionality working pretty stable. Also, the animations are pretty.

Maybe using a sidebar instead of shoving everything into a button popover would be a better idea.

Is it too late to change the app design? :/

@bleakgrey Thanks for all your hard work on this! Looking forward to the improvements as they come. 😀​

@bleakgrey oh exciting. Gonna get this on the PinePhone as soon as I get time. :jrbd:

@bleakgrey on PureOS Store and Flathub i still only see the alpha2?

@scops Flathub'll take a couple of hours to refresh. Not sure about the PureOS repos though.

@bleakgrey thanks :) i'm using the flatpak version on my librem 5. keep up your good work !

@bleakgrey best native mastodon app out there imo, thanks for all your work! :)

@bleakgrey you've done a great job making it look good with the past couple releases. I won't doubt that the decision to improve the ux by putting some elements in the side bar instead of the popover would be a good one.

@bleakgrey no it isn't. The worst case that could happen is you increase the leading version number (semantic versioning assumed), but I wouldn't even do that, 1.1 is totally fine as it isn't a completely new UI.

So go for it!

@bleakgrey I feel really, really confortable with the current app design. Feels simple as all on gnome and works as needed. Only one feature and one bug.

#feauture - after following new user it is really needed have the 'add to list' option, so back to profile and search for the user and the list after, not so easy.

#bug - I'm using Debian 11, all toots images looks ok, but when clicking to open them the app crash. Using 1.0-alpha2-1 on testing. May solved when Deb became stble

@bleakgrey Hi again. It looks like the ' open image crash ' it is due to a Tootle Download folder ( for images ? ) that its not created when installed. Debian 11/1.0-alpha2-1 .

@sazamoracl Yeah, it it possible to create a folder named Tootle in your Downloads as a workaround. Like I said, already fixed in the latest release.

@bleakgrey Hi thank you for your feedback. I'll use the workarround until updated came to bullseye.


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