I won at DJ Bronzie Bet's Hallowen game! Wow! 😄 So fun! It's anonradio


I think I getting use to DJ Brozie Beat English. It is hard first but I am getting better. I need practice more my English. Thank you anonradio and SDF @tbn97


Hello. I am listening to DJ BRonzie Beat now on anonradio @tbn97

It's 80's night.

I am also chating on COM


I’m sad my favorite show Tob is not Mastodon ☹️ Please tell Tob join. I raelly enjoy Tob show. His show is hard for me to type is too long. lol @anonradio

I’m depression so life is hard. Drugs help me. If you depression plese talk to doctor. He will make you happy.

OK I watch TV now. I hope you all enjoy Sunday. But today no sun. It's rainy.

That look like gigant banana but it's not. It's called "cesta". You can't eat it. It's very hard. OK tob it's not banana be careful 😄

Mastodon is so fun! I cancelled my Facebook. It so useless. No privacy it's scarey

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