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Your periodic reminder that an Australian considers a hamburger to be complete only if it has slices of pickled beets and a whole fried egg.

I always find it really challenging to explain Dota to anyone who hasn’t played it. Even if they play other video games, what can you say about it that’s specific enough to give them an idea of what it’s like, while also being generic enough for them to understand without having spent the last few years living and breathing it?

The photo cropping feature in Mastodon (web) is pretty cool. Could have cropped that last one differently (to hide the "swooping bird alert" text) as a surprise for the viewer, but eh, I guess that one works too

Americans are asleep, post pictures of *actual* Australian wildlife

Some of you are super early with this Australian wildlife thing. Anyway, Americans are asleep, post pictures of Australian wildlife

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but this week has been a great week for my daily Apple news roundups. Most of the time it's pretty standard stuff, and it can all get a bit same-y, but I dunno, I'm really happy with how this week's news turned out, likely helped in part by new Apple products. Have a read, and let me know what you think?

Was about to update to watchOS 5 but then I remembered my Series 0 isn’t supported :(
On the plus side, my Series 4 is pre-ordered and I am very much looking forward to it arriving on Friday! 😃

I have a really good idea for this "Americans are asleep, post pictures of Australian wildlife" thing that's going around, but I just need to get a photo of it... I have an old one but we only have Fresh Memes here on the 'don

The work social club must be behind budget for this year’s Christmas Party, because their latest fundraising event is literally Friday afternoon drinks

Every time I do some writing for myself I'm reminded of how much I enjoy it, how little of it I do, and how I should really be doing more. It's a double-edged sword.

Battle Cup champs! Bye-d into a grand final victory after playing a hard game in the quarter finals, then an semi-easy game in the semis. Couldn't find an opponent for the grand finals after 25 minutes, so we were declared the winners, haha :D

Given the widely accepted notion that it's more difficult to make friends as an adult, "Adult Friend Finder" seems like a great idea for a website. You know, if it wasn't a dating/hookup site and all.

If there's anything that we can take away from Mastodon, it's that instead of getting down and out about all the anger and negativity of the bird site, we could have been getting down to

I was thinking about it, and maybe joining an instance that is relevant to your interests makes a lot of sense, if only because then the local timeline has stuff that is even half relevant. I’d never read the public timeline, but if it was mostly fellow Australians, as it would be if I joined Maybe I would.

I’m using this colourful watercolour-like wallpaper for my iPhone X at the moment and it’s honestly so wonderful, makes the iPhone look amazing every time I pick it up. It’s one of the default OnePlus 6 walls, get it here:

I’m now beta testing Tusk (iOS Mastodon client) by @pcperini, and as per usual, I both like and dislike a number of things about it. Really should put some serious thought into writing my own client (or just wait until Tootbot comes out).

UHHH I just discovered that Ash Ketchum is voiced by a woman?! HAS MY ENTIRE CHILDHOOD BEEN A LIE?

Pocket Weather AU is going away and I am sad the best iOS weather apps for Australians will eventually no longer work


Haven’t looked at the Birdsite in a few days. I’d like to think I’m better off for it, but who really knows? I’m definitely reading more of my Instapaper queue in my lunch breaks as opposed to Birdsite hot takes, so that’s a plus.

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