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Commissions are open!
Adding back a older commission type: Sketches!

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Feb 28 2021
Daily Drawing. Was very tired doing this one.

End of Month Post - February 2021
I got a lot of work done, but unfortunately I don't have a lot to show for it.

End of Month Post - February 2021 - The Art of Blokfort ( blokfort.com/comic/featured-fr )

Feb 27 2021 - Colleen
Daily Drawing. New OC! border collie x striped hyena. Need to work on colors though.

Eyes on the Prize - Page 07
Wau, another page!

This time simplifying the background to just a single color, but adding a TON of line-art to make up for the flatness. The only issue this brings up is the fact that drawing all those bricks is a pain in the butt. We'll see how the next few pages go, but I might stick with this 'style' for a bit.

Feb 20 2021 - sno
Daily Drawing. Done like how I've done some emotes.

Feb 19 2021 - Space Meowrine
Daily Drawing. Felinid Adeptus Astartes. I know it's probably not a thing.

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