sometimes I wonder if the universe is one giant being and we’re like bacteria living in its guts

“save the planet!” says the ad on TV, “turn off the water when you wash your teeth, take showers instead of baths!” meanwhile your country’s tubatures lose 40% of the water because they’re not maintained properly

If I find something cool on the ground I’m gonna pick it up, I don’t give a fuck

I’m so used to living in a place that has lots of holes in the streets, sidewalks full of weeds, garbage, burnt cars, writings on walls... that when these things are missing I feel like something’s wrong, that it's too clean. These things, in a weird way, feel like home now

the good about keeping an old phone for a long time is helping the environment and saving money. The bad is that apps start breaking apart in front of your eyes

why is cold leftover pasta that you eat directly from the pot so good

I have a weird feeling lately. It's as if I wanted to declutter all of Internet. The thought that Google and such just keep buying terabytes of hard drives and plugging them in drives me crazy.
(But I know it's not something one person or a team should do.)

put a Big Book under my laptop, I feel like Rose Lalonde

"ooh I wonder how a neck tattoo would look like on me! *grabs marker*" - me at 00:15

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I have zero motivation all day and then at 1:20 am I have the urge to practice how to walk like a ninja

I hate when clothing have a cool pattern on the front but are empty on the back. Why can’t I be fancy there too

you wanna know the real reason why I read "The Metamorphosis"? Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

One time I entered the shower still wearing a bra and putted shampoo on the sponge


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