I know I’m unemployed but I know a job is just round the corner, excited to have some disposable income for the first time in my life.

So proud of @bb_almond for landing their job, flat viewings on the way. Party at our new gaff, you’re all invited xx

I’ve barely used twitter or mastodon and I can’t decide if it’s a good or bad thing??

mark ronson permanently looks like mark ronson in fancy dress

I spent the last hour of my work day anonymously one belling our most annoying colleague until he turned off his computer in anger, successful day

my little brother now specifically wakes up at 7am so he can see me before I leave for work 😭😭

hey pals! my friend Phosile is a young black single mother with chronic mental illnesses. please donate, boost and share on your social medias to help her raise money to fund a rare opportunity on a part time acting course 💜


In the last month I’ve heard back from several jobs with interview offers. Regardless of whether I land them or not it’s a big positive that to know my CV and applications are in the right place 💪🏻

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