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today's star trek deluge 

today's star trek deluge 

today's star trek deluge 



Been in a writing hole for several weeks but I just figured out a big worldbuilding component thanks to
- a Roman Empire travel calculator
- a map of the 50 LY radius around Earth
- a guide to the Star Trek warp drive
- a forum for navy servicemen

@eels Hey, thinking of you! I hope things take a turn for the better for you this week.

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An addition to the corner of my office that is evolving from "modest collection of giant robot fan art" to more of a "Hey Arnold shrine of giant robot fan art"

"All my friends were vampires, didn't know they were vampires, turns out I was a vampire myself..."

GF overheard me humming Daniel Johnstone's "Devil Town" and it gave her a Proustian flashback to a similar melody from Putt-Putt Goes To The Moon that we are now searching for obsessively

Halfway through my Toronto-NYC con trip extravaganza and having the chance to pop into a tiny commuter town on the Hudson was extremely

Really interested in the new Rilakkuma show and its position in the "cute mascots as an allegory for millennial malaise" genre. And stop motion rules.

I've been last-minute inking this comic to Everything Is Terrible videos on autoplay for like 4 days straight and reminiscing about their Satan live show I went to last year.

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