Literally all I needed was room for a fly-covered compost cube and a basement hidey hole to put canned goods in to make it through the rest of quarantine

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I set up a pallet compost bin in our new yard and every possible opportunity to throw something in there now, I take.
Eggshell from glazing the meat pie? Take it to the bin! Ohhh, look at all these juices oranges! Take them to the biiiiin


it's been a while since a meal has given me a Ratatouille-ass experience, but takeout from Ono does it EVERY TIME.
Hawaiian might be my favorite kind of food hands down.

I'm within two months of finishing OHS forever??? 70% finished with inks on my GN??? Bonkers

police mention 

man a lot happened over here since I posted last. We've almost bought a house, our city pledge to disband its police, bon appetit's been cancelled,

so far this quarantine my media consumption has bounced between 60 different operas and the most absurd campy movies ever. Lucia di Lammermoor and Pagliacci vs The Cell and Cats 98.

Picked up some lapsang souchong for a "don't become a quarantine alcoholic" mocktail and it smells, not unpleasantly, like meat.

if I get my inks and chores done today I can write a letter to the neighbors I've never met but who I've discovered have framed Cartilage Head comics in their solarium.

quarantine antics 

So far I have
- shaved my head
- impulse purchased 2.5 pounds of Star Trek novels
- washed a liter bottle of Dr Pepper in the sink like an infant

uncool opinion but I'm really glad I went to see Tokyo Godfathers on dub night because it was way easier for me to focus on the massive amount of details in the background of every shot.
And the new dub is really, REALLY good,


The Music Man: rewatched it a ton as a kid, know most of the songs by heart. Still pretty decent. Shirley Jones in glasses is πŸ‘

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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers review: B L E A K

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Very weird watching a biopic of a guy who made patriotic musicals part of his personal brand made during a time of wartime optimism 80 years and countless soul-eroding wars later

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I got a dvd pack of 40s-60s musicals and decided to watch them in order. First time I watched Yankee Doodle Dandy and whoooooof

ah, we've hit the "fuck off" section of minnesota january temperatures, I see

new years drunk 

his occupation is "wanting those photos of spider-man on his desk by 5" thank you VERY much

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new years drunk 

I was trying to remember why I was so tickled by the very *idea* of J Jonah Jameson when I was tipsy last night and then I remembered Google thinks his occupation is "poetry publisher???"

every time I'm overcritical about my work it usually ends up sounding like this


when you try at first to hide you're listening to an anime song


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