Am I going to spend 3 hours on a bus today to pick up a log seeded with blue oyster mushrooms? yes

Finished a three page comic after taking about a month off from drawing. Still feel really rusty... hope I didn't lose whatever momentum I picked up drawing the last book.

2 days in a row of inviting vaxx'd friends over and my mental health is skyrocketing

finally Finally finished drawing the book so I'm officially taking two weeks off!!!

One week until I can check on the doenjang I've been fermenting since August. Bean paste....


3 months after getting Sandwich, she and Bub have finally reached a détente

quarantine urban foraging adventures 

Gonna update the foraging calendar in my basement's Parasite-esque pickling nook

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quarantine urban foraging adventures 

I just found this dude's blog entries dedicated specifically to foraging in my state and this is gonna rock my whole year

quarantine urban foraging adventures 

So far this year my quarantine coping mechanism has resulted in harvests of:
- mulberries
- black walnuts
- hackberries
- apples

Plus a gift of ground acorn flour from Melanie that I really want to try using in something...

mouth dreams 

I've had Fredhammer stuck in my head for an entire calendar day

I keep seeing squirrel carrying giant walnut fruits around and I don't know where they get them in this neighborhood! I want some too, fuckers!!!

I think we are getting a dog and we might be naming her sandwich

Literally all I needed was room for a fly-covered compost cube and a basement hidey hole to put canned goods in to make it through the rest of quarantine

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I set up a pallet compost bin in our new yard and every possible opportunity to throw something in there now, I take.
Eggshell from glazing the meat pie? Take it to the bin! Ohhh, look at all these juices oranges! Take them to the biiiiin


it's been a while since a meal has given me a Ratatouille-ass experience, but takeout from Ono does it EVERY TIME.
Hawaiian might be my favorite kind of food hands down.

I'm within two months of finishing OHS forever??? 70% finished with inks on my GN??? Bonkers

police mention 

man a lot happened over here since I posted last. We've almost bought a house, our city pledge to disband its police, bon appetit's been cancelled,

so far this quarantine my media consumption has bounced between 60 different operas and the most absurd campy movies ever. Lucia di Lammermoor and Pagliacci vs The Cell and Cats 98.

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