im no werewolf but yuans a moth and i cant stand his bitch ass

ronnie: says something not explicitly hateful towards yuan
me: im sorry i don't understand your accent?

sometimes u get into smth Bad just bc u see attractive characters and go "yeah that's good that's what i want"

turns out you can just put words anywhere in any order

me: the transforce of wisdom
ronnie: the transforce of courage
jd: the transforce of power

Mastodon is a very diverse place!

We have:
-English Speakers
-Spanish Speakers
-Japanese Speakers/People

the thing abt kink and nsfw stuff is like....... Everyone has to Consent to it
it's why people doing like pet shit in public settings is nasty and bad and Rude?
So while this is just kink talk on the public TL it's still...... gross and Rude imo
Like what you like but know there's a time and place for it, and not everyone wants to hear about it.

canadians unite in their lowkey simmering resentment of the canadian dollar essentially meaning they have to pay extra for everything international

sage's word corner

meter: a device that measures
meter: the rhythm of a song or poem
metre: a measurement of distance in the metric system

ronnie can still clutch their shoulder and yell about their aching blood

i have the power of god and anime on my side [rips off shirt revealing the joestar star and the mark of the exalt]

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