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最多咪兩個post,個兩個仲要係啲人自己公開嘅相,咁都中嘅話佢連 Facebook 都不如

@bluephoenix @LuciferChan @onejpg @christychan @Thundersblade @kellysin1106 You must have received an e-mail when this happened. Specifically, it is due to publishing personal information of another individual.

@Gargron @LuciferChan @onejpg @christychan @Thundersblade @kellysin1106

I don't get any email about what or which post publishing personal information of another individual. Also before you make this action, you should talk to me or info me in mastodon too to make sure I know what happen instead of do this suddenly.

@Gargron @LuciferChan @onejpg @christychan @Thundersblade @kellysin1106

This is the second time happen like this. The first time I too didn't post any personal information but I still being suspended suddenly. What wrong here?

@Gargron @bluephoenix @LuciferChan @onejpg @christychan @Thundersblade @kellysin1106 What is going on? Is mastodon no longer a decentralization platform?

How come you can delete someone's account without warning or inform the person?

And your reply is HAVE YOU RECEIVE ANY EMAIL? What a joke!

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