@ov Thanks!

Just realized トリノコシティ wasn’t there, so here it is :)


立 Flag。
Step 4 真的到了标准的话准备请个健身教练。


I’m officially fully vaccinated starting this afternnoon. Yay!


When the pandemic it so much of an event it starts to become a category of short novels.


3 weeks into keto diet + exercise, I've lost about 2kg. But the scale says says the decrease are more from muscle than fat.

That’s a bit worrying.. Not sure if that’s just the scale being inaccurate or I’m actually losing muscle instead of fat.

the “En Route” label after “En Route to DHL eCommerce Distribution Center” actually means your stuff haven’t reach DHL yet.

Had to say their notation is really confusing.

跑步机上面跑 7 km/h 跑个 6 分钟就要休息 2 分钟。


Went out and ordered some carbo food with friends on Monday, and now my keto level is back to zero. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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