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A comrade in my networks lost their cousin. Please please donate and /or boost


Hello All!

If you're at mastodon dot social, I will not be able to see your posts in the future, since my instance - along with a lot of other instances - is blocking them from tomorrow on.

If you move to another instance, please note me, so I can still follow you.

I like wandering.shop and can get an invite code; I love ping the planet and can get you guys in touch with our awesome mod.

Or I can help you out with suggestions for other instances.

In reality, Hacktoberfest is a corporate-sponsored distributed denial of service attack against the open source maintainer community.


hey, folks--if you follow me and you're on mastodon.social, you might want to consider moving to another instance. one of the admins of mastodon.social is being a raging jerkwad publicly, and it's causing a lot of other instances to silence *all* of mastodon.social, and in some cases defederate from them entirely. I think vulpine.club still associates with it and doesn't have it silenced... yet.

there's lots of other instances, from large to tiny, that you can join out there--heck, vulpine.club is cool!--and if you send me a DM letting me know you're "formerly from mastodon.social" when you get a new account I'll followback right away.

anyway that's all! :D

Random thought: I would not do well in Elsweyr. Looking at every face and my brain lighting up with "kitty" would probably go very poorly. XD

Need a Pumpkin Spice Me Icon. I mean, around here, Apple Spice Me Icon. Who's doing icons?


a general reminder for halloween month 

Halloween is not a free pass to post gross pictures of blood and guts and gore things, remember to CW your posts and be thoughtful of others who do not find that kind of material pleasant

Thank you :)

New research finds that we could scale down global energy consumption by 60% and still provide good living standards for 10 billion people by 2050, with universal healthcare and education.



Actually something tells me this is physically impossible since obviously if I'm that tired I'm not actually awake. XD

Even after I woke up for real I wasn't awake enough to do anything. Pretty sure if my cognizance is that low that I can't even articulate things in words, I'm not moving, either.

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Getting an unexpected education in Oblivion | Eurogamer

The idea someone didn't know this amuses me.

But yeah, don't go eating random plants.


I'm still really tired, but if I'm ever THAT tired I will completely own it and apologize. No matter how long it takes me to wake up.

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For reference, I save other people's work all the time for reference, but I would never claim it as my own. The thought of being so tired I was like "This is so cool! When did I make this!?"

Like 10 seconds after saving it.

And hammering out a whole post of word salad and starting in on a second one before realizing something wasn't right, and then getting a "WTF! Delete this!"


Gonna classify that as a nightmare.

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The dream about visiting my grandma was perfectly serviceable. Literally my brain just took that long to wake up to my alarm.

And you have no idea the relief when I got pulled out of my apology that that was a dream, too. The idea I was that tired kinda terrified me. I was trying to wake up to even write a coherent apology and language was not working. Just a huge "thank fuck!"

Although being on a Switch probably should have tipped me off. I don't own one, nor do I have any interest.

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Brain trying to tell me something.

Was having a dream I was at my grandma's, then started waking up and logged onto Masto, then because I was so tired I saved and reposted someone's pixel art and started writing an incoherent story around it because I thought it was mine somehow and got immediately called out, then woke up more and was trying to apologize and explain after deleting my post, only to actually keep waking up and realize it was still a dream.

So basically I'm tired.

reminder that it's the first friday of the month tomorrow which means it's bandcamp friday - 100% of the money spent on bandcamp all day goes to the artist/label

so why not go ahead and support some black musicians blackbandcamp.info/#/

I was charged how much?

Kids, this is why you don't use floating-point values for money.

In fact a lot of the things which I get constantly angry about in today's computing environments, which all seem to be 'tiny, trivial things'... like dialog boxes which steal your key focus, or laggy keystrokes, or system messages that don't give you time to read them...

All these things maybe aren't actually trivial. They're all signs that I am not the customer, that the experience is not being optimised for me.

I think that's what I worry about a lot. That computing is leading us, but where?

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@xnx38h be wary of those who bring gifts. msft extorts money for some blob in android or arm processor. msft piggybacks rogue installations onto any system that has used an msft repository to install an msft application, like powershell (on fedora add powershell repo then install dolphin-emu). edge installs systemd units with high privilege. anything that msft provides on linux distros benefits only msft. wait until msft starts using dbus! #caveatcomedenti #lettheconsumerbeware

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