"Suppose that Romeo and Juliet are avoiding the surveillance of Prince Escalus and communicating using a session-based encryption protocol between their laptops."
(XEP-0334: Message Processing Hints, xmpp.org)


Sui ment, Romeo and Juliet, cursed 

@polychrome I can imagine the ending now.

New Insta post from Juliet: "ded lol (hashtag)selfie"
Romeo: "fml"
Romeo: "Hey, fans, this is going to be my last stream. My girlfriend just committed suicide, so I'm gonna drink this poison real quick. Don't forget to like and subscribe!"
Juliet (in chat): "OMG ROMEO! IT WAS A JOKE!"
Romeo: "Fuck."
Juliet (in chat): "ne left?"
Romeo: "Nope."
Juliet (in chat): "hold on i think u left ur cool knife here"

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