"So you're saying magic is possible?"


"But nobody has MP."

"MP is very hard to get. There's a difference. Magic was more or less used up. It hasn't had time to recharge."

"So what about Wicca?"

"Look, if you didn't know a dozen high schoolers who tried casting love spells and whatnot-"

"And it never worked."

"That doesn't mean the magic wasn't wasted."

"Look, messing with hearts is no small task. It's not the stuff a kid should be messing with. Or anyone, really."

"So they screwed it up?"

"In some way, probably. Magic can be very easy to screw up."

"I put on my robe and wizard hat-"

"No, I mean seriously. Half the reason old spells don't work anymore is people can't speak it right. We've lost the phonemes. Unless you're a period scholar."

"So we can blame pronunciation?"

"And penmanship."

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"So you're saying people can't even draw spells right anymore? What the heck does penmanship have to do with it?"

"When was the last time you used a thorn?"

"From a plant?"

"Instead of 'y' for 'ye.' It's like a 'b' and 'p' combined."


"How about a tall 's?'"

"All the time?"

"Not capital. Tall. A tall lowercase 's.'"

"You're making this up, aren't-"

"Wikipedia link."


"Yeah. Language has changed. A lot. Magic hasn't."

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