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Nothing gets you disinvited from your family's next year Thanksgiving celebration quicker than partaking in this travesty.

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9-legged cat configuration option:

^ ^
leg leg leg
leg leg leg
leg leg leg

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hey guys do you want to hear about my macintosh computer?


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please send me the link to the acosta karate chop O Fortuna mashup which certainly exists.

thank you in advance

if you disagree maybe YOU are the racist????????????????????????????????

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kombucha is

*scrambling to incite rage against a concept*


kombucha is racist, there, i said it

oh wait a sec, i think i know what's wrong


no one's liking my toots, i think mastodon is broken????

i only eat instant noodles that come with five (5) or more packets of seasoning

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i believe that mastodon accurately reflects the make up of the public.

the world is like 65% furries

a number of forces contribute to the sustained rotation of the earth but chief among these are the chubby drummers

i just cracked myself up by imagining someone whose favorite band in 2018 was Cansei de Ser Sexy

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Processing planetary data from Hubble can be time-consuming. Here is what you get when you take three images of Jupiter in three different filters less than four minutes apart.

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Oh man I finally put together a sweet Halloween costume to scare all the trick-or-treaters tonight

Hey peeps, it's time to start torturing yourself! No better way than to keep my NaNoWriMo Doom Clock open in a background tab. The count started at midnight this morning and will reach 50,000 at midnight Dec 1. Please share with all your fellow gluttons for punishment!

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for years since randomly discovering it i have been enamored with this Doom II texture/sound mod some people made solely to express their anger at NBC for cancelling the 1994 sci-fi series "Earth 2"

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