Bots is already old in influence attacks. The tactic de jour is influenceing already somewhat aligned groups.

"if you're not a combatant, you are the territory"

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"I of course wouldn't have my gay wedding here because the mafia aren't very gay-friendly". Overheard in hotel lobby.

Me: i've had a bad nights sleep and been tired all day
Brain: you should treat yourself
Me: Yeah
Brain: get some beers on the way home
Me *standing at the register*: no...

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Be the cyberpunk that makes the dystopia better.

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get you a girl who can get you two more girls, thus starting a pyramid scheme

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You: "What do you mean open source software reeks of elitism and toxicity?"

Arch Linux:

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Who watches YouTube vids on full volume in a public place?! Seriously... Be a bit ashamed of your media consumption you weirdo

Been to a conference on safety all day. These people really expect a lot out of users attention. Study after study claiming that users aren't taking enough responsibility for themselves

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people deserve a future where their tools do not betray them

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well well well if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions

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Mapping out a schedule for the coming week. Busy is my middlename, it seems.
I want to do something positive every day, so please, suggest something. Anything! :)

I've had bad headaches for what seems like a month now. On Friday I finally called in sick because of them. I've spent the weekend doing nothing and staying away from the computer and the headache is finally loosening its grip!

I (and maybe you to) need to remember to take care of ourself and not let the stress and sense of responsibility take over our lifes

Angsty Sunday calls for eating my bodyweight in fat and sugar

Svenska akademin played I Gothenburg. Was trying to explain to my Uzbekistan friendwhat they sang about and if they were anarcho - eco- feminist or just Eco-anarchist?

Anyone know?

Feeling great! Some things I've been worrying about at work sorted itself out and now I'm waiting to get a haircut. I tend to neglect myself when stressed so my hair has gotten super long. I will look sooo good after the cut

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