My local supermarket is selling something called "unwaxed oranges".

Frankly, it's disgusting that such a description exists, and not only that: I don't think they should sell fruit that at any point has been growing hair.

a youtube channel set in prison


video on remand

"binomial experiment" sounds like a statistician giving up on their diet

Grapefruit: grape
English language: That username is already taken

I've been thinking about the phrase 'stray cat'. Some strong, independent feline who don't need no human is out there making its own way in the world and we have the nerve to imply it's supposed to be anywhere else.

Rock on, cat. You do you.

Mastodon Is Crumbling--- We're All Getting Together To Hang Out And Make Different Fruit Crumbles, Mine Will Be Strawberry

Today I saw someone put into text the words "quote-unquote", followed by the thing they were quoting in quotation marks. Absolute renegade.

Arguing over pineapple on pizza is distracting us from the real problem: raisins in cereal.

I just think more people should know that in an actual, world-famous GT racing championship there is a team called Good Smile Hatsune Miku AMG

just caught myself feeling miffed about spoilers in a wikipedia page about greek mythology

Frankenstein's monster is basically an adopted son so it's fine to call him Frankenstein.

You're free, everyone.

A couple of weeks ago someone gave me a one-armed hug and I still haven't fully recovered.

fake news 

raccoons aren't that fantastic


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