I've started feeling a kind of slight revulsion at the phrase "hot take" because it's like you're specifically signaling that it's rushed, not thought out, possibly lacking nuance, and you're proud of it.

This is not a subtoot, I've been sitting on this sentiment for at least a week

There's these studies about how once you commit to an opinion in front of someone you're less willing to back down from it even in the face of new insights; and online in 2018 has this culture where people rush to comment on everything that happens as fast as possible, you know? Is that a good combination?

@Gargron eh studies are studies, but im not sure they're really describing anything like a rule of human behaviour. it's just logical that if you say something, you'll be less likely to say the opposite because why would you be MORE likely to express a contrary opinion?

@bmichael The rule of human behaviour is that it's harder to change your mind once you have told other people about it, because it's embarrassing.

To read more about it, see R. B. Cialdini's "Influence: The psychology of persuasion", chapter 3 "Committment and Consistency"

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