SpaceX will launch humans into space tomorrow at 4 PM EST, the first private manned spaceflight and the first launch of humans from the United States since 2011

[Casually munching one single slice of seaweed that contains 2492% of daily sodium intake] Anyone ever feel like the Japanese are way healthier than us?

To translate:

This is BitBucket saying "okay. for those of you who haven't already created accounts on, get to it." @sir

I’m deeply entertained by all these articles trying to rehabilitate awk. The reason Perl got invented was because Awk has *major* limitations. If we’re *really* going to play this game, I’d love to at least take a serious look at modernized Perl 5 first.

made a little script for hn that puts a ❤️ between the I and the A for every "IANAL" on the comment pages. improves the comedic value even further when they start acting real smart.

At least some of tomorrow will apparently be me standing up one of Hoot or Pleroma. Lemme know which you hate most before tomorrow so my toots have the loudest sway.

Or is that not how this works?

“I should tweet about leaving Twitter!”


Anyone on here have strong opinions about dynamic DNS providers? Or ways to accomplish the same? I’m home so much these days for various reasons that this backlogged to-do item is suddenly high on the list.

Why in everliving hell do I read the Orange Site. The intensity of opinions on Mercurial's struggle moving to Python 3 is inversely related to knowledge to the point that it’s giving me a literal headache.

I just hit my first genuine case where Firefox and Chrome disagreed on how CSS works (on a non-experimental feature, anyway) in probably a couple *years*. I'm having to fight *really* hard not to yak shave myself for the rest of the day and figure out who's right and why.

"I understand this is a very difficult decision. I'm not sure if its right or wrong. From the perspective of Human Rights its probably right, but from the perspective of investment its difficult considering China's growth prospects."

Actual verbatim unedited quote from Hacker News

Well, let’s give Mastodon another shot. Pinafore makes the UI genuinely pleasant, so I can focus on just hating the lack of moderation tools.

Today Sourcehut celebrates the 1 year anniversary of it's public alpha beginning 🎉 🎉 🎉

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