I'm actually at 99.91% uptime, just because I was curious. Most of the downtime was when AT&T accidentally cut my fiber line. But this is more of an in-spite-of Synapse story than an endorsement of it.

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Signal may be down but my Synapse server is easily hitting two hundred 8s of uptime. Checkmate, socialists.

The best thing about Salesforce buying Slack is that me hating it will soon become normal, and I get to be merely avant guard instead of some weird tech version of an anarchist hippie.

...so...like...a hippie, I guess.

"The speed of light really hates music," I've concluded during the past six months of remote band sessions.

My retroactive opinion of both Microsoft and Windows 95 have both kind of skyrocketed lately.

Who actually uses Windows Map turn-by-turn navigation? As far as I can tell, it's literally simply not available outside Windows, and Windows Phone isn't a thing anymore. Sooooooo…

I miss my Microsoft Band. Best smartwatch I've used. Seriously.

I fiddle with the controls.
"I wish we could go to June 29, 2009."
"To professor Hawking's Time Traveller's Party? Don't we all. But it's too dangerous to go that far back."
"When's the earliest we can go?"
"The universal antipathogen rollout, when we don't risk anyone's life."

The split between me preferring to be a user on Apple, me preferring to be a dev on Linux, and me preferring the dev tools on Windows, will eventually get resolved.

But not this day. This day, we figh^H^H^H^Hwhine!

Computers are really damn complicated. Sometimes that's necessary, but holy hell is a lot of it just self-inflicted awfulness.

Okay. At this point, I'm sufficiently fed-up with the SCM hosting I moved to that I’m going to cancel my payments and find an alternative. Except that, since there isn’t a good alternative, apparently I’m going to have to build one. “Whee.”

At least the Mercurial peeps will be happy if I can make it not suck.

"It's not even about George Floyd anymore."

Yeah, no kidding.

Don't beat protesters. Don't shoot reporters. Don't arrest journalists. Don't trample people with horses. Don't aim rubber bullets at the face. Don't tear gas entire neighborhoods. Don't violate people's rights.

So many basic tenets of policing being called into question again. And to think it all started with a simple request. Stop killing black people. Seems pretty reasonable to me, but the police declined. Now their every action is recorded and examined, they're covered in investigations from every angle, years worth of prior abuses are being dug up again, a larger than ever portion of the population hates them, and even elected officials, not just activists, are talking about defunding departments. Was it worth it?

Only way to end civil disorder is to pay us more overtime says agency responsible for causing the disorder.

SpaceX will launch humans into space tomorrow at 4 PM EST, the first private manned spaceflight and the first launch of humans from the United States since 2011

[Casually munching one single slice of seaweed that contains 2492% of daily sodium intake] Anyone ever feel like the Japanese are way healthier than us?

I’m deeply entertained by all these articles trying to rehabilitate awk. The reason Perl got invented was because Awk has *major* limitations. If we’re *really* going to play this game, I’d love to at least take a serious look at modernized Perl 5 first.

made a little script for hn that puts a ❤️ between the I and the A for every "IANAL" on the comment pages. improves the comedic value even further when they start acting real smart.
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