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Please be patient with those that don't understand "federation" the way you do.

To geeks federation means a world of endless possibilities. Don't like something? Roll your own instance and change it.

For non-geeks, federations quite reasonably means something different. It's a world of fixed possibilities and limited tools to discover/explore those possibilities.

Both views are valid and as people develop tools to lower the barriers to instance creation/discovery the divide will lessen.

I don't understand federation well enough to know what the tradeoffs of running my own instance are. Gotta do some reading 🤔

Help, I can't decide which instance to move to 😩

Decision making via consensus means no accountability.

You don't want consensus. You want the right person to make the decision.

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Engineering & Management: the timeless struggle between what is expedient and what is effective. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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hypothesis: if too many early users sign up on instead of other instances, federation will end up becoming a second-class feature. (imagine what email today would look like if gmail had existed in the 90s.)

other instances need to be able to compete with for growth, or should be implemented.

Stay in school, kids. The world needs crypto and distributed systems more than ever.


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