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After doing more testing, I decided to go ahead and provide shared hosting for Mastodon instances.
This will be a trial but unless something goes horribly wrong, I believe that I can price it at €5/month for an instance of up to 100 users.
This can greatly diminish the cost of running small instances and remove the technical barrier from everyone who wishes to run their own Mastodon Instance.
Let me know what you think masto.host/#pricing-table

About risk profile:

- Mastodon is like email because you can't delete federated toots
- Mastodon is like twitter in that Google's search bots index it, unless your admins robot.txt it away
- Mastodon is like being a teenager because the people that own your instance can see all your private stuff

Have a talk with your admin about their policies.

By default, assume everyone will be able to read your toots forever.

So I hope you noticed that I've opened a new service, njal.la, where you can get an anonymous domain name! Hope people will start using it and open up mastodon services. :)

One of my favorite things about Mastodon, is that all the URLs I click on are not tracked like on Twitter :-)

@bastianallgeier hah, I composed an email to you yesterday, but then accidentally deleted it. Had a question :)

@aral @Gargron well I may as well ask here, instead of on Twitter :P how is the architecture of this done? I don't see any links to docs or overview anywhere...


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