I fell behind on introducing my ! D:

This is the third and final in my business. Kit is deaf and super crazy and is always doing something funny and ridiculous.

He is also really really really really soft. ;_;

Second pic is from last winter, with his dark baby colors. He's much whiter now.

(reminder: if you're just looking for my art and don't want to hear about my fluffy ferrets, I'm over at @bob_artist@mastodon.art too)

mastodon.social/media/5LBT3741 mastodon.social/media/sEydTmqx

I forgot to introduce another yesterday! D: Here is Miss Rudy. She's my very sweet lady who loves being carried around and getting head rubs but also loves to play bite really really hard! ^_^ She's the nicest monster.

mastodon.social/media/Rxc7nbfn mastodon.social/media/1iUeeRyF

I will post one of my three today! This is Tux, a I adopted from the GCFA. He's going blind! ;_; Seems to be a genetic thing. But he's such a good guy and the most horrible beggar ever.


Okay, I'm gonna give my .social account a try!

I'm Bob (she/her/?), and I'm an , , and creator. My webcomic is Demon of the Underground!


My art-only account is @bob_artist@mastodon.art

Here I'll post some of my art and probably also pics and stuff. ^_^

mastodon.social/media/FiOVTVGw mastodon.social/media/0rcEnRDX mastodon.social/media/PXtn5zru


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