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please never dismiss someone with mental illness as just "doing it for attention", and even if someone does act up because they want someone to pay attention to them, theres likely a reason they need to be paid attention to


thanks friends hehe β€” im inspired to make more interesting ocs now! (first batch, ill upload the others in a bit)



LUCAH: BORN OF A DREAM is launching on NINTENDO SWITCH in North America on July 3!

You can pre-purchase NOW at



im so excited for animal crossing!!! and zelda!!!!! & ive never played dragon quest or banjo but im very excited for the people who have

every time they play the challenger approaching sound effect my heart stops for a second before i realize theyre just introducing the players its happened 4 times in a row now

so desperately need a blender plugin that locks movement to the y axis when im working with uvs and accidentally press z instead of y

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