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Well, I should clarify: hardware dev is a nightmare when you're broke. Most people happily burn through hundreds or even thousands of dollars when prototyping something like this. Whereas in my situation, every expenditure is painful.

AFAICT, the wonky behavior is being impacted by the specs of the SD-card that's used.

It might be that micro-brownouts are still happening, and the power capacitors need to be 100uF instead of 10uF.

Also going to increase the RSET resistor's resistance, since I think the Kingbright LEDs might be drawing too much current, even when I set the MAX7219 to "medium brightness" (I suspect it's using really fast PWM, so maybe current draw is still a factor?)

Hardware dev is a nightmare. Going to bed.

Brought the SD-card back to life.


But: Tine is still acting wonky. Argh

Goddamnit. I think I just ruined a $24 industrial SD-card by assuming that Ubuntu was done formatting it when it wasn't.

Also Tine's prototype is broken and I don't know why.


Tine dev 

Tine dev 

proposal to refer to the tactic of abusive signup spamming/instance-hopping as the Wife Guy Attack

@body in a way, it's good that it's only one angry wife guy and not like 500 nazis

Well, at least the marriage guy will make the mastodevs focus on new systems that deter the possibility of this sort of attack. Right?

LOL, discovered that I somehow managed to download Arduino v1.0.5 (the current version is 1.8.9). I guess apt-get can't be trusted to have the latest versions of things??? Good to know

(Full disclosure: I have had more success in just the last couple weeks, with the "consciously talk myself through my bad feelings and turn it into confident energy" tactic)

MY MIND: If I burn my self-hatred to power my mental code generator, then I will be left with no self-hatred and a lot of code...

ME: OK, sounds good. And I will do that by, consciously analyzing the context of my bad emotions, and using that to stoke a righteous and energetic self-confidence--

MY MIND: No no no. Wrong. You've gotta write code while hating yourself. You gotta be an edgy Chuck Palahniuk character




In a position where asserting my trans identity even the tiniest bit makes family members treat me like living proof of the social-contagion theory, and like I’m directly comparable to kids who get turned alt-right by youtube. Lol

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I’m comfy in bed now. Tomorrow I’ll only be doing some light reading. Monday I’ll be doing QA on Tine’s special-command systems, and then also learning some algebra concepts for a separate project. My new approach is to try to follow a schedule with blocks of specifically-planned “work time” and “relaxation time”, rather than destroying myself by stewing in guilt all day every day

That article on the actual symptoms of ADHD... Big Oof. I gotta talk to my therapist about this

Imagine that your significant other is finally moving into your apartment. You're helping them unpack their boxes, one by one. It's some tough work - they're a bit of a packrat - but you don't mind at all. You sigh with relief as you finally work your way through to the last box. You open the lid and it's a box of old fandom memorabilia. You hand off a stack of old comics to your lover, who rounds the corner with them. Your gaze drifts downward again and in the bottom of the box is a yaoi paddle

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