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Most of my followers are dead accounts from the 2016 and 2018 migrations btw. In practice I have like 35 actual followers

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My avatar has "just said something fakedeep about post-metal" energy. This is just how it looks when I draw a furry and I have made peace with it

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As the Bad Mental Health Year has started indicating it will become the Bad Mental Health Decade, and perhaps even the Bad Mental Health Century, I and my sister are completely emotionally spent in our own severe ways lol

Fastest way to get from Breckenridge to Copper Mountain in the winter:

* Buy a ticket at the Breckenridge Ski Area
* Take the Imperial Superchair to the very top
* Ski down the wrong side of the mountain (extremely dangerous, probably deadly for non-experts)
* Follow a hiking trail downhill, still on ski, until you arrive at Copper Mountain

To my knowledge nobody has ever done this

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I would describe the crowd's overall mood as "pissed off, confused, but not capable of too many bad feelings because it's a nice day out"

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dream imagery, covid19, dismal 

A few days ago, I dreamed I was in the infinite-town-on-the-border-between-dreaming-and-death again, and everyone who had died from covid19 was arriving at the place's infinite university for an outdoor meetup. My mind, being addled by sleep, panicked because they were not observing mask protocol. Ultimately I was chased by a group of three rollerskating women who only left me alone after I told them I was a homosexual. They had good taste in potential bf's at least

Me: "Normal" is a pyramid-scheme.

You: Ah, I see. You are speaking metaphorically

Me: I am speaking literally.

You: ... That new usage of "literally" as an intensifier? Nice nice I get you

Using an unpaid Hookpad account as a music-theory scratchpad... On-brand for me

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Mmmm on reflection I still think this is all plausible. Might be some survivors tho

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"Get the fuck away from me" and "what the fuck is wrong with me" have the same poetic meter, if any of you are writing a nu-metal song

food gross 

Eat half an apple, then discover that the other half is rotten... Why the fuck does this happen to me so often

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30mg Duloxetine: You should stream a playthrough of RE4 every day until you overflow the Round counter on the save-screen. Feels like the right thing to do at this point in space and time for you

Kind of nostalgic for those times I was in the depths below the social-media iceberg, posting on Rotonde, Blosxom, unnamed homebrew oulipo systems, etc

Nap update: Jolted myself awake by snoring too loudly. Then watched some videos of Kawai, Yamaha, and Cheetah drum machines. Then wrote 3 poems (1 good, 1 bad, 1 needs more verses)

Worried about stuff! Which means: Taking A Nap

I sort of want to see what happens once you have finished 99 New Game+ cycles in RE4 and the savegame screen runs out of room to display it


Russian scientist
Name means "serf"
Red and black color scheme
Builds labor-saving devices and promotes miraculous industrial development


Red, white, and blue
Cocky, reckless, belligerent
Greedy for gold rings and emeralds
Opposes technological progress except where it benefits him (example: airplanes)

Victims of automation:
* Textile workers
* Human computers
* Dril


Gonna ebay my physical copy of Smash Melee after the vaccine drops. I had no idea you could still get decent money for a working copy of it

Going on a grand voyage through uncharted personality disorders, in search of the legendary Cluster D

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