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Uuuuuuuugh the prototype's spacer-plate has two of its screw-holes offset by like 1.5mm for some goddamned reason... this was definitely an error I made in Inkscape at some point

Also the display-panel's laser-etched portions are much whiter than I expected, which might lead to problems telling which LEDs are lit at a quick glance...

I can correct both of these problems by making a partial revision to a single file and then ordering another custom laser-cut plexi sheet

Hm... sitting with my back to the window makes me feel like the world is shaming me

wherefore the crumble mungs, wicked bepis? whomst squidgy cruelty spims the hnnnnging land?

"yak-shaving": taking a complex detour that simplifies a process for yourself
"creating new technology": taking a complex detour that simplifies a process in general

Dreamed that I was cycling through possessing the bodies of the best-friends of every alternate-universe king to destroy their own empire - one world had streets paved with the mummified bodies of ancient enemies, another had every surface covered in these fucked up barnacle-crabs, a third was a city where people lived outdoors atop a massive continent-sized block of tombs

The most-heightened possible sense of cringe would be held by an entity in the shape of an official-brand business-suit-patterned autonomous killdrone, which goes into a negative-utilitarian homicidal rage whenever it sees anything that isn't a clone of itself, basically. I also believe a more neon-green version of this entity is the apex Gamer form. (also this is basically the plot of Star Control II)


ME: Not going to engage with stupid politics on bird hell website
BIRD HELL WEBSITE: Here's a DSA member with lots of followers who's trying to purge anti-imperialist leftists from positions of influence, after internalizing what's obviously the CIA's line on regime-change
ME: Shit
ME: Fuck
ME: I'm going to make a post obliquely shaming them
<makes post>
ME: ...I hate this post
ME: Not going to engage with stupid politics on bird hell website

@jk I'm angry at how good this vore pun is, jesus

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@body Portrait of the Artist As a Young Meme

if Ulysses were written today it would be Ready Player One

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Memes Joyce........ Y U Nolysses

@page @bepis SPELL (ice letters but hot because it's hot ice but green letters the letters are also green it's a stat bonus thing idk it's an old savefile) StatelyplumpbuckmulligancamefromthestairheadbearingabowloflatheronwhichamirrorandarazorlaycrossedayellowdressinggownungirdledwassustainedgentlybehindhimonthemildmorningairheheldthebowlaloftandintonedINTROIBOADALTAREDEI

@page @bepis 🅱️️ames jo


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@page @bepis h0lgy ship.t....

@bepis --James Joyce, "Ulysses"

1. furry IRL
2. mathematical-realist afterlife theory
3. Homestuck Hero of Doom American Apparel hoodie (discontinued)

I'm now making human-readable lists of parts, corresponding to their positions on the circuit-board, for general reference during the Exolith assembly process... I wonder if the feeling of "this couldn't possibly work" is something every synthesizer-designer gets or if it's a quirk of my paranoid mindset

(Also Zizek is a fashy right-Hegelian who pretends to be communist for branding reasons don't @ me)