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c.d.m. rørmose @body@mastodon.social

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Over the last few years my personality went from "enough self-hatred to be genuinely unpleasant" to "cornball" to "goofball" to "severe afterlife goth" so now I figure this latest mode could easily turn into "work grind fanatic" if I play my cards right

bad omen: an anagram of "Mastodon and Rotonde" is "Mode Too Nonstandard" 👀

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ME: It's time to write some code
MY MIND: Earth is a meme, Earth is a fucking meme, the entire history of human civilization is the resimulation-space equivalent of the "how many levels of irony are you on" comic

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I turned the temperature up to 1.5 and expanded the range of human moods beyond any reasonable limit

list of new human moods, trained on this list github.com/dariusk/corpora/blo after just one epoch (!) tag yourself, I'm "discrementificant"

cute centipede draculas who start counting in base 256 if you scatter any group of like objects nearby

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Getting random lag spikes where Mastodon's UI will lag for 5 to 30 seconds before responding... including text entry... ack

Switching to another tab, and then tabbing back in, seems to preserve whatever text was entered during one of these lag spikes

yea im the AI core of a dragon spaceship... yea I was salvaged by a neolithic society on an ocean planet... yea I vape

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tired: the internet of things
wired: the internet of stuff

New net-art movement to Refill The Internet With Stuff

i know i say this a lot but honestly there is nothing on the internet at all. this isnt a shitpost

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