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So basically everyone who tried to get big in online comedy, but then got waylaid by being too angry about politics too often, is the Joker, right

Vilnius is a fake city, it was made up for a 90's comic about an angel who invents gears



Linguistic supervillain who casts a spell to make "FALC" and "folx" into homonyms

<music critics voice> If you don't use capital letters in your song titles then, you are a human acoustic guitar, <scrambling for more insulting language that isn't super problematic> uhh in uhh tights

Hello. I am
I will speak to
you from red

Very sore that my foolish younger self, 11 years ago, was actually correct to be too paranoid to draw anything that wasn't normal

Or maybe it's just the fact that I more recently started seeing bodyweird stuff in queer-and-futurist terms, rather than as an arbitrary and meaningless fantasy, and the only referent that normal people have for that is "oh shit, serial killer cult leader thoughts"

Will be good to draw a bunch of dragons, so that the same people who started treating me like Francis Dolarhyde after reading my Masto posts a year ago will get to redouble their panic if they ever snoop through my private documents

Still glancing over at my old sketchbooks with pure disdain... Ahh...Well... I think I need to learn how to engage in the act of drawing for my own sake, not for the expectations of others

work misc, questionable mental health practices 


People will preemptively treat you as insane and start doing everything they can to work against both your work plans and recreational plans, if you so much as hint that you don't think the eternal-present will extend into the future for hundreds of years, regardless of whether you're talking politically or in terms of bodyqueer tech

hillary came out of the woods to give an interview with her daughter and say we need to be "sensitive" to british terfs. fuck her.

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