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Going to try to get Tegne finished, funded, and on its way to production as soon as I can, and then start prototyping Eurorack modules

I have a few untested circuit designs that I want to pursue asap, including: an "enhanced hex-inverter direct access module", an "ultra-simple transistor decay generator", and a particularly clever "loud/quiet splitter"

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Your algorithm has finally found an image of a ghost in the Google Street View data, but Google's anonymizer has blurred out its face

Pet peeve: how so many people perceive exhaustion as stupidity

8:00 AM: Magical-Realist Girl Squad
8:30 AM: Superflat Sentai
9:00 AM: Full Metaethicist
9:30 AM: Biopower Rangers
10:00 AM: Relational Aesthetics Evangelion

<senses on some level that the future may hold the potential for me to modify my body and mind however I see fit> hmm... I'd better mock this shit preemptively

version of The Inferno that takes place in Heck, where everything is just lightly cyber-slime-depression coded

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my only remaining arts opinion is: if the rotating coyote gif doesn't end up archived by MOMA, then it will be incontrovertible proof that the entire western curation apparatus is systemically irredeemable

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"why won't this code compile - oh, looks like I missed an evil god at the end of a line"

mood: getting flummoxed by my codebase and idly typing "evil god" out of muscle-memory as my mind wanders, then having to delete lines upon lines of evil gods

Sometimes I'll imagine what sort of person I would have become if I'd kept myself completely crammed in the closet, gone on a heavy medication regimen for my sleep disorder, and forced myself to continue pursuing a studio-arts career track, and the answer is always "Jon Rafman"

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coding: how many features could I squeeze onto this microcontroller for real, though? should I just bite the bullet and learn AVR Assembler???
: what oulipo-system would this microcontroller best express within the realm of sequencing? what would make people feel most fulfilled?