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Hocico are perhaps the best band, purely because every other band that tried to imitate their surface-style ended up being hilariously bad

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If you're sending a MIDI song-position pointer of 0xF2 0x00 0x00... then is that a "Front 242"

Just tried to type "LOAD"

Attempt 1: LOAG
Attempt 2: LODE
Attempt 3: LOE

Thinking about how it will probably become a plausible espionage tactic to fake the existence of Strong AI / space aliens

2039: a rogue military Strong AI turns everyone into their fursona, and those without fursonas get assigned a random abandoned character from the Furaffinity archive (which, while its content has been illegal for years, has still been backed up on NSA servers for blackmail-and-control purposes)

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GOOFUS listens to Rammstein

GALLANT listens to Wulfband

GERHARDT listens to anonymous dark-minimal tapes from a short-lived obscurantist rhizome

GORMULUS listens to the subtle creasing of spacetime as his imperial armada ritually annihilates the Betelguesian parliament-planet

Modemism: a mode of thought that assumes that anything can be built out of modems

Postmodemism: a critical process where modems are sent through the post

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Burgh... simultaneous flu and tonsil-stones and anxiety...

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