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Didn't think I'd have to say this explicitly but: I am neither Isabel Fall nor Satoshi Nakamoto

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Most of my followers are dead accounts from the 2016 and 2018 migrations btw. In practice I have like 35 actual followers

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My avatar has "just said something fakedeep about post-metal" energy. This is just how it looks when I draw a furry and I have made peace with it

whenever i see someone on youtube who's really into the exact same kinda thing as me, i am repulsed

I think Hainbach should collaborate with Haim Steinbach.


2022: The space cake I ate 5 years ago finally starts to hit me as I'm being interviewed by Hainbach

Becoming the type of guy who calls Voltage Controlled Amplifiers "Voltage Controlled Amplitude Range Shifters" out of pedantry

I spent a couple days' worth of mental downtime coming up with the nerdiest imaginable 6U 64hp eurorack rig on modulargrid. A large swath of it is knobless. And now I am tempted to buy it

adult humor (bad) 

Kick drums? More like, haha more like Dick krums

The more you post in lowercase or uppercase, the more anarchist or communist you are

considering the facts of how kinks develop i think rich people probably have awful sex

Full disclosure: I have also bungled some politically-charged social interactions in a way that led to my getting blocked, and this has happened on both Twitter and Mastodon, and I regard this as mostly due to my own intermittent obliviousness/stubbornness. It is not something that happens often anymore

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(IIRC you automatically get added to the Tanky Blocklist if you follow too many people on the Tanky Blocklist, which would be why this particular pressure is so severe)

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More of them blocked me when a "Korean monarchist socdem furry" made a callout-post about me after I said that US propaganda-pieces about North Korea aren't truthful

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A decent number of my old queer mutuals on Twitter ended up blocking me due to "use the Tanky Blocklist or risk ending up on the Tanky Blocklist" reasons

thinking about that time Bukharin was in the middle of a speech saying the Bolsheviks should work to mend ties with anarchists, and then a group of anarchists tried to kill him with a bomb

Jesus those rat Dems in buffalo are trying to usurp the people's will by eliminating the position of city mayor now that the socialist won

inspired: the future is made out of ubiquitous 9/11 DWIM nanofog

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tired: 9/11 was predicted by the collective unconscious
wired: the future will exactly resemble the collective unconscious, including all the repressed bits

The future will be much like the present - but with ubiquitous furry DWIM nanofog. In either a communist flavor or a full-spectrum-dominance informational-warfare flavor

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people are complaining about windows 10's built-in 'anti-virus' program which regularly keeps automatically removing legitimate files leading to broken applications, which, if true, is exciting, as it means microsoft have finally achieved parity with linux distributions' built-in 'package manager' program which regularly keeps automatically removing legitimate files leading to broken applications

You ever feel like the particular set of experimental early-learning methods you went through ended up preparing your brain-structure for the future instead of the present? Because whew

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