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c.d.m. rørmose @body@mastodon.social

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weird politic Show more

I love to innovate by rewriting open-source libraries to be more Lunch-focused

My main problem is that my arms are so big, when I do a T-pose I end up smacking into the mountains

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Lately, whenever I am spinning up scenarios for futures studies, my main criteria for potential validity is, "How likely is this to make everyone into slime zombies"

2031: Dril gets bioplastinated into the shape of a Street Shark in a Turinese 4D-printer accident

"If you've ever noticed, the archetypal furry 'snout' is anatomically locked in a permanent smile - this belies that what you crave is merely an anatomical enforcement of happiness, which would thereby render the happiness meaningless"

Okay but have you considered: reading less Palahniuk

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dont ever learn about computers, their history, how to code etc, because then youll see the massive gap between what they are and what they could be, and it will haunt you for the rest of your days

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FICTION: The avatar of the collective unconscious will be a saintly, Lain-like figure


Huh... poetry people seem simultaneously horrified and intrigued by my use of ultra-cybernetic processes to end up with strong rhyming meter

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Feeling a lot more valid after I realized that literally everyone is mostly totally clueless, not just me

Still thinking about "The Gamers' Republic of Antarctica" - just a great setting, honestly

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Abstract horror at the idea of doing too many postfurry bodmods before society has had time to adjust and ending up being legally declared a spambot and/or artificial cheese product