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Welcome to Earth. Select a Power Tool and a Meat: these will be your Bonus Items

The three types of angle: cardinal, diagonal, and sergal

Feel like this would all link in with the way I perceived space when I was a child - always hyper-aware of the cardinal and diagonal angles coming off every convex or concave corner

Feel like there is some very obscure method I could invent and pursue, to translate my Minesweeper speedrunning skill into "drawing, from imagination, and having it still feel like Minesweeper speedrunning" skill

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IMO, English could become a much more expressive and abstract language if people...

<types "used the humble dash, -, to create more compound-words, and not be shy with it either">

<deletes "used the humble dash, -, to create more compound-words, and not be shy with it either">

<types "stopped being goddamned cowards">

I... took most of a day to position a single board's stitched vias


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each toot is an opportunity to transport the audience and bring them along on an incredibly disappointing journey

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Absent-mindedly typed "Monstergrid" into the URL bar instead of "Mastodon"... What kind of badass website is my subconscious trying to visit

Self-indulgent furry fiction - low-quality but interesting (mostly unenjoyable)

Scifi short stories by established authors - high-quality but banal (mostly unenjoyable)

Writers must start finding a way to retrofit the utter weirdness of the former with the prosody and plot tightness of the latter, IMO

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Hot take: DIY culture is a scam unless and until someone manufactures a through-hole SD-card socket

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