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same with "monster girls' like buddy they aint monsters thats just someone in cosplay

i like bowsette but i want her to actually fucking look like bowser instead of this anime girl with horns bullshit

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Casual: “Hey”
Semi-formal: “Hello”
Formal: “Greetings, hu-mans”

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THERAPIST: You can do this. You can still be a sincere furry.
ME: I... I just can't. I'm too irony-poisoned
THERAPIST: I believe in you. Just say "Anubis" with me. Anubis
ME: An... an... an boobus

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The more I think about my ideal tech setup, the more it's like:
* Linux tablet with a large screen-res
* ASETNIOP-like keyboard, but organized by letter commonality, and with a couple extra buttons to toggle special characters / chorded commands; plus a toggleable "gamer mode" controlled by a big honking safety-switch. Divided into two half-units connected by two DIN-5 cables of course
* Tine sequencer (finished version)
* Maximum of 4 desktop synths (PreenFM2, MicroGranny/Xor, MPC500 probably)

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Love feeling dizzy and sick because my dad sprayed a massive amount of bug spray without reading the instructions

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