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c.d.m. rørmose @body@mastodon.social

When you're done hibernating... that's byebernating

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The neighbors have a dog whose barking sounds like a man saying "woof"

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Why aren't phoenixes called flamingos

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Lukewarm take: Everyone who's angry about dinosaurs being feathered should just go ahead and make a bald dinosaur fursona already

It's a major injustice of our language that an adjective as cool as 'draconian' means 'it's really strict and harsh and sucks a lot' instead of 'it's magical and ancient and... really warm? hey, check out how warm this is'

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Just remembered that I had an incredibly weird breakthrough philosophy thought when I was going to sleep yesterday, but I've forgotten the contents of the thought completely, and now I'm agonizing

Really feel like my subconscious fundamentally doesn't understand any period of time shorter than a week ☢️

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Augh... love to be awakened by an incredibly severe hailstorm that requires me to manage a leaky roof

If you sample-slice a Romantic-era piano piece, that's called Frederic Chopinscrew

I actually fucken memorized the entirety of the poem from "Zookeeper" by Seeming... how did I even do this

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