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Didn't think I'd have to say this explicitly but: I am neither Isabel Fall nor Satoshi Nakamoto

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Most of my followers are dead accounts from the 2016 and 2018 migrations btw. In practice I have like 35 actual followers

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My avatar has "just said something fakedeep about post-metal" energy. This is just how it looks when I draw a furry and I have made peace with it

Okay I'm gonna make a glaceon account, at least for now. Currently stuck on coming up with a decent username

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Current strongest contenders I could plausibly move to are glaceon, hellsite, and monads, tho I am spending some more time thinking about it

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Now looking through various instances for candidates to move to that would be compatible with both my passive tanky-ness and my sometimes-over-the-line self-hate posting, lol

Richard in a Hat is a blog where a man named Richard posts at least one photo of himself in a particular hat on a regular basis. six years he's been doing this. different hat every time. last post? four days ago.

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Still pretty proud of my Cappy guess in Mads' 20 Questions thread

Hmm... It dawns on me that I know basically nothing about horror movies 🎷🐴

Hmm I will look into actually moving instances in the very short-term I think

The actually-interesting thing about this video is: It doesn't actually demonstrate "psi powers", but rather it is a demonstration of, "specific multi-factor coincidence"

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I have been reminded of this video where David Spade activates his psi powers on Steve-O

10 Questions to Spark Stimulating Conversations 

(1) is the universe eternal

(2) is the universe not eternal

(3) is the universe finite

(4) is the universe infinite

(5) are body and soul identical

(6) are body and soul distinct

(7) does the thus-gone exist after death

(8) do they cease to exist

(9) will they both exist and not exist

(10) will they neither cease to exist nor continue existing

In the "United States" you have to become either The Joncker or Master Chief Neuroglyph Sunglasses Neuroglyph

I have shortened the Ganondorf. pray that I do not shorten him any further

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Okay yeah I've gotta lay down for a while before I can attack this. It's preying on my worst fears and vulnerabilities lol

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Me (5 days ago): At least I have gotten past the "dissociating from the sheer dreadful horror of unexpected destructive problems" part of the project

The Universe: lol

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I would be pretty confident that this is just a bug somewhere in the IDE->programmer->bootloader process. Except. It seems to have partially burned out the MAX7221 chip as well? Or prevented the ATMEGA from sending it commands properly? Very worrying and also WTF

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imagine if there was a secret area under the toilet called the undertoilet. everyone posting like. Holy shit i had no idea there was this whole like. area under the toilet??? why doesnt anyone talk about this?? My reaction when i find out about the Undertoilet -- you won't believe this -just check for yourself. Mfw zoomers dont even know about the undertoilet.. Don't y'all learn about the undertoilet at school anymore?? undertoilet lifehacks. help i dont HAVE an undertoilet? lol impossible

I have Typed Out a Task Chain for this particularly difficult Open-Ended Debugging Problem

Now I am gonna take an Emotions Poop (not listed in the Task Chain)

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