Does anyone actually know of an MD psychiatrist who is:
1. In the Denver/Boulder/Longmont area
2. Very specifically a fully-qualified MD psychiatrist
3. Accepts Medicaid
4. Would be willing to duplicate care in terms of a gender-assessment, specifically so that I can meet my family's (unreasonable) requirements and salvage my relationship with them rather than having to do anything radical?

This is a serious question. I guess you should boost this post if you know someone who might know someone

@body Don't tell me they don't believe the first assessment.

This is what we call "moving goalposts."

@body I'm sending you all the tender caring waves I can from Europe through the oceanic Internet cable ~~~~~~~ <3

@body Try Psychology Today's website.

I don't know anyone. But my wife is an art therapist in Maryland and gets referrals through the site.
She says it's a good resource for people looking for help.

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