Should I rename the Tine MIDI sequencer project, and if so, which names feel the most appealing/exciting?

Please feel free to answer even if you don't know anything about me, or the project, or music gear. All input is relevant for this, and the more the better!

@body i like Tine aesthetically but it *is* already a lot of things. options 2 and 3 seem nice too

@body It suggests an uncomfortable shape, and soundforms that look or sound like "tine" do not generally feature in music I like to listen to.

@faun Aye, this is one of the reasons I'm dissatisfied with the "Tine" label as well

Additionally, its origin was in reference to the Tines from A Fire Upon The Deep, since the project originally started out as a "modular sequencer"; but then I dropped the idea of modularity from its design-goals, in order to make it more timeless and crowd-pleasing, so that semiotic referent no longer applies

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