Now thinking about the ludicrously intense and prolonged ghost sighting I had at age 14 again, and spooping myself the fuck out

description of a messed up ghost sighting 

As I was sitting on the foot of my bed, my bedroom TV screen went black, and a medium-small screaming white face appeared in it, 2 feet away from my face, and kinda just stayed there for a full 2 or 3 minutes, screaming continually without taking breaths, until the face and scream both gradually dissipated

description of a messed up ghost sighting 

This happened in broad daylight btw

Gonna chalk that bad boy up to "Had recently done something to anger at least one spirit, and had also recently potentially received some subtle brain damage"

But also: I don't believe in that stuff generally. I think ghost sightings are probably just some combination of electromagnetic phenomena, mental phenomena, and psychological priming. Maybe also throw in some epiphenomena from hidden space-alien technology if we're being spicy about it

Fucked up that of the 4 ghost sightings I've had in my life, 3 of them happened in the dang sunny daytime! And the other one was probably just a childhood imagination run rampant type thing!

Right now I'm running a tally of exactly 1 ghost-sighting per house I've lived in, so I'm sort of grimly looking forward to getting the shit scared out of me at some unexpected juncture now that we've moved house

descriptions of ghost sightings 

Childhood house: The WWII-looking ghost-airplane, and the lady made out of snow (lady made out of snow was probably just an overactive childhood imagination thing)
Teenage house: The screaming face that stuck around for literally minutes and fucking traumatized me
Twentysomething house: Shriveled dude made of migraine-auras swung his head around a corner theatrically as if he were specifically trying to startle me, then disappeared the moment I hollered. Asshole

The outrageously severe "screaming face" ghost sighting happened in a semi-new house in the Hamilton Creek subdivision of Silverthorne CO that, last I heard, had been bought out by a bank on foreclosure, got thoroughly renovated, and then went unsold. Nice job guys

Ambient context nugget: The road up to that house was so fucken bad that I never willingly drove into town as a teen. Awful shit

Cliff, cliff, blind narrow turn, blind narrow cliff turn, narrow hairpin turn with cliffs on all sides, and everyone but me acting like it was a reasonable road 😬

I know where we can put our subdivision! On this incredibly steep lumpy fucken mountain where the roads have to be built so precariously that some of the time we run out of places to put them completely and just have to throw in a fucken bridge

So glad I live on the dang plains now <tornado season begins> Ah! Well. Nevertheless,

You know, now that I think about it, this was actually the same TV that fell on me when I was 3 years old

descriptions of ghost sightings 

@body i've seen essentially no ghosts in my lifetime at all, except the house i grew up in used to have a cat that would run across from one doorway into another. that's all it did. it was a liminal cat that never existed in any room, only the journeys between them

descriptions of ghost sightings 

@jk @body Wondering if intruder cat.
I did once see a cat's nose peep around a doorframe. Of course, when alerted to our presence it left the house silently and we never saw anything else of it.

descriptions of ghost sightings 

@body My brain has never interpreted a visual abberation as a guy for some reason. Although sometimes my hair. Which is odd.

description of a messed up ghost sighting 

@body So during these 2 minutes did you like, move? Did you look around? I think if you just sat and looked at something that was freaking you out continuously vibes to me like a false memory or a dislocated memory of a dream. I think I would strafe it a bit imo. Not sure though. Maybe I wouldn't.

description of a messed up ghost sighting 

@faun I remember that I was too shocked to move my body, but I did look down at the floor for about 15 seconds because I was too horrified to keep looking at it directly. Then it started disappearing after I looked back up at it

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