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Deciding to pick up broader electronics knowledge has made me into the kind of person who just fuckin sounds like this now I guess

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Was going through old images from my previous computer, and I found this. I have no firsthand memory of the context, but I assume it was related to that "IRC simulator" game I was developing at one point

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Putting together the tile designs for Hyperpangram's full physical prototype... 👀 Having second thoughts about this font, but IMO it does go very well with the game's theme of "poetry sabotage"

(Most of these tiles will have multiples, in the game itself)

Only once you can accept that you must sit on your replies with composure, will you be able to compose a reply where a Siddon is accepted

boardgame dev 

This game is pretty brutal to prototype and test in Tabletop Simulator, and I think it's because Tabletop Simulator's UX is pretty terrible for games with lots of fiddly pieces, especially when they're in stacks! Probably there is a way to do this with a lot of custom Lua scripting, but... I don't care

Anyway here is a more recent glimpse of the game's general feel and complexity-level, after all the recent changes. All art is placeholder-art

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Love and harmony are actually resonating from me

Doing extremely normal amounts of prep-work for this DIY Midibox Sampler build

boardgame dev 

Firstly: Decided that all terrain should be placed in a separate phase at the start of the game.

Secondly: River, and river-related rules.

Thirdly: Bridges, and bridge-related rules.

Fourthly: Fewer cities, but cities cannot be "taken", only "occupied".

Fifthly: New surplus mechanics and dice-drafting mechanics (those aren't apparent in the image).

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Me: Hmm, I wonder where my ultra-specific admiration for cybernetic dragons and dinosaurs came from, anyway

Me: Oh

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