Oh shit gotta make a Masto post uhhh buhh uhh

Hey funckers. Who🐬st 🅱️oing the MIDI ☢️equencer ... correct... it is the selfsame author of these words to whom aforementioned who🅱️st applies. 🎷🐉⛰

coding: how many features could I squeeze onto this microcontroller for real, though? should I just bite the bullet and learn AVR Assembler???
: what oulipo-system would this microcontroller best express within the realm of sequencing? what would make people feel most fulfilled?

I've got a sore throat and just generally feel like a big bag of stinky garbage, time to re-re-rewrite a fuckton of fiddly bitwise arithmetic code oh yeah duders it's time baby

my "comment every line of the code's first-draft, so my future self knows what I was thinking" strategy seems to have worked, for the parts of the codebase where I bothered to do it anyway...

ah... writing a raw bitwise midi parser,,, this is some deep indeed

trying to remember what the hell this old code I wrote does... u know that feel

writing production code for the world's best eclair-shaped MIDI sequencer...


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