I don’t have the spleen to have gotten “jokerpilled”. Instead I would describe my mental state as “domesday craver (scifi)”

@Colophonscrawl All chess is technically 1D chess if we lay out the spaces serially and then model each move as a Turing machine command

People: We want to experience new unique vibes

Me: I'm gonna make music in-character as a foxtaur from the 24th century

People: Blink twice if the delusions are holding you hostage

If I go to bed without trousers on, getting out of bed becomes impossible. Proof of the necessity of space marine armor

When I was 16, I was a consensus-reality literalist, in an “if 51% of people on the planet meditate hard enough, we will all TF into furry’s” sense

Now I am a consensus-reality literalist in the “normalcy doesn’t actually have anything to do with what’s reasonable, what’s good, or what’s possible” sense

can't wait until the current generation of succdems in 10 years go "ok yeah sure all that anti chinese propaganda was wrong but the tankies were right for the wrong reasons!"

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Failing diagonally, but like, in the sense of how diagonalization creates numbers outside of countable-infinity

Fucked up that most everyone assumes that what's normal must be what's reasonable

dismal maybe 

Presently feel like I have infinite longing, infinite issues, infinite patience, and infinitesimal motivation 😑

This world is not yet communist enough to give me the opportunity to cultivate a relationship with an IRL werewolf mech pilot bf -_-

A single full-body TF uses enough electricity to power 20 houses for a year

uh, the cpac center stage is the odal rune prominent in nazi symbolism??? hello???

Philosopher: As we all know, it is impossible to simulate a feedback-loop on a computational device, because it would require infinite CPU time

@flip It's an old-timey spelling of "program". I'm riffing on the title of a book by Karl Marx, "Critique of the Gotha Programme", where he picks apart the failures of some of his contemporary movements that we would today call "social-democrat" in character.

Had a fucking Star Trek dream lads. It was incredible to experience but would have made such a corny episode... This is my new hypothesis on how the show always got written in the way it did

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