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mild injury 

You ever pull a muscle in your shoulder so badly that it makes the base of your tongue sore


Me: I’m gonna get out of bed, wash up, and make a thunderous spicy peanut rice bowl breakfast

My Mind: You need to lay down and do Phone Internet Things for 3 hours actually

Mathematicians Analyze "The Witness" Game 

"One of the most unusual things about The Witness' puzzles is some are Sigma_2-complete, Demaine notes. For those who are a bit unsure what that means - which I certainly was! - Sigma_2-completeness refers to a point in the polynomial hierarchy, which features a variety of different levels of problem-solving complexities.

NP-completeness involves solving problems using brute force; Sigma_2-completeness is a step up from that; and PSPACE-completeness is more complex yet again, having to do with polynomial time (the amount of time it takes for a computer to solve a problem) and time complexity (the computational complexity of the amount of time it takes a computer to run a specific algorithm)."

One of the papers discussed (PDF):

Tine meta 

Working on Tine isn’t a painful activity anymore, now that I’ve started focusing on decoupling it from any expectation of money or normative validation, and started resolving a few final design issues.

But my mind still seems to have a strong Pavlovian aversion to it.



Probably some sort of underlying futurist-brain fantasy that a sufficiently advanced queerness would be able to disassemble a fascist tercio, like a contagion

This is what I get for internalizing other futurists’ paranoia about “hegemonizing swarms” a decade ago I guess

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Yesterday I saw my first guy on here with a “trigger the libs and queers” style profile blurb, tres culture shock, anyway my first instinct was to make him my boyfriend, why am I like this

Insufferable liberals: YALL if you don't vote for Biden we will get 1000 years of darkness under the Cheeto in chief!!!!
Bidens ads: I will personally murder everyone who lives under 40° longitude

my name's william carlos and i'm here to say
i love icy plums in a major way

My Mind: I'm incredibly thirsty for--

Me: No. Stop immediately

My Mind: --Video game webcomic protagonist bf

brain weird 

This week's brain format is, whenever I have a thought that anguishes me, I seem to automatically push it out of the way with a cool cheerleading chant of "Yu Yu Hakusho, what the hell is I don't know" (I haven't ever watched Yu Yu Hakusho)

<5000 followers voice> How'm I doing today? Oh, u kno, just failsonning my way into the grill zone,

Coming from a family of real-estate brokers, I can confidently say that the commodification of housing is obscene, and the entire market is terrifically arbitrary, and it is a tool to oppress the working-poor on such a normatively ingrained level that nobody involved in the process even perceives it that way

recommend to me one album that you listened to recently and liked please

"Euphemism" emerged as a specifically defined political movement during the Paris Eupheme

Still listening to the new Powderpaint... Very happy with how they've matured as a band so rapidly. They're the real deal


Huge shoutout to me, because when people told me "this tactic didn't end well for me, it won't end well for you", my response boiled down to "RIP to you but I'm different" lmao

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The result of spending a few years to wait for the cis people who hold power over me to Have A Journey:

They Had A Journey alright, but the conclusion of the journey was "it's good that Chris got over all that genital mutilation stuff, all my assumptions that it was a tangle of Freudian OCD compulsions are validated" rather than anything resembling "I'm OK with the idea of Chris getting bottom-surgery now"

bodily fluids humor 

@body the other one is that a few years ago a guy who looked the same as moby delivered me and my friend some thai food, but they got my friend's order wrong, and i blame moby for it. i curse moby for that every time i think about moby

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