Universal symbol for “I’m still deciding if I want one or two hot cross buns”

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I was speaking to my Mum (a teacher) about children's relationships with money these days and how even for them it's mostly cashless. They see their parents use cards or buy online and even when they make transactions in-app or in-game, it's still cashless. Here's the problem...

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Should have published Mueller as a Google Doc so that everyone could dive in and post comments.

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when a good thing happens in life, I look around a couple of times just to make sure it’s not getting reviewed

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We never get Big 6 Premier League games with this much excitement. Guarantee the Saturday lunchtime game will be crap compared to this

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If as a woman, the idea of negotiating your salary at a new job makes you cringe into your boots then please fill in this survey so we (@SheWinsCo@twitter.com) can design an amazing new service to empower women to negotiate their true value. 💃🏽💰⚖️

Please share she-wins.typeform.com/to/liKgu

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I’ve had a few conversations recently that have opened my eyes to the scale of how terrible British history actually is. Can anyone recommend any good documentaries that will make me feel super guilty?

Oh hello

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One of the greatest things of working @monzo@twitter.com is that I get to try all the work in progress stuff… even if that means replacing my personal card 16 times in just 4 years 😅

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Women of Twitter!

We're starting a new company that empowers women to negotiate their salary and benefits when they start a new job. Lets close that pay gap!

Please help us by spending 5 short mins answering some questions about you and negotiation.


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Pretty sure there’s a job or VC interview going on on this train. 3 suits on one side of 6 seats asking questions from sheets of paper, two guys answering the other side. Get an office, lads

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I hope the terrible news from Paris serves as a wake up call re the Palace of Westminster which is an inferno waiting to happen.

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the only suitable way for game of thrones to end in 2019 is for the white walkers to suddenly realise they've created an open border to the north and then spend four episodes trying to negotiate a way to invade but also still have a wall

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