bookstore cat! New art by, getting stickers printed soon :D

Giving Mastodon a go again. Seems the newsfeed glitch I had here on The Big Instance was fixed at some point? Tried a different instance a while back, and realized how limiting allowlist federation can be, as soon as I started following folks.

watchin’ too much ds9 

dabo is just space numberwang

A German noun for the compulsion to fix people’s inside-out hoodie hoods.

Longing for fictional worlds 

So I had this great idea to re-read the Culture series, and after just two books (Look to Windward and Player of Games), I'm not real sure I can handle the sense of loss I'm feeling after I finish each one. This wasn't nearly so difficult the first time around. There's a universe in there that I want to spend so much more time with; it stings that it's finite.

Bokeh boosted

A Mastodon instance where the CoC specifies everyone roleplays a Mind from a spacecraft in the Culture series

There's really nothing stopping an instance admin (or someone who compromises an instance) from modifying its toots' image assets. Hm.

Update: the boosted toot is now unboosted. Clearly just has a long queue of async jobs right now.

But I'm still setting up that dev env.

Obviously the next step in my quest to unboost a toot is to set up a mastodon dev environment to confirm my suspicions in. Obviously.

Welp, direct calls to both status#destroy and status#unreblog both return 200 as if they succeeded, but don't actually delete it. Can't delete one of my other toots, either. I'm guessing's async job processing is just way behind or otherwise buggy right now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Accidentally boosted a random toot and now cannot figure out how to un-boost it. This is such a good look.


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