Hey Mastodon, it's been a while! I just spent three whole days as my true self. It was a weekend of many firsts. Thank you to all the wonderful women along the way who saw an awkward newbie trans girl trying her best and helped to make her feel at ease. Honestly, by the end of the second night it felt like the most natural thing in the world. I've got to keep up this momentum. I can do this!

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We know that with this virus, there’s a bigger issue than just exposure because viral load also factors in to how rapidly someone sickens or dies. There’s no place more deadly to be right now than the halls of a NYC hospital.

I’m donating what I would have donated to Bernie Sanders this month in my late Mom’s name, to this fund: $36.

Will you please match me if you can?


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i am really scared about coming out. it's already been a 20+ years long internal struggle and i don't know if i will ever find the strength.

just learned my cat is allergic to scented candles 😭

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bandcamp are waiving their fees today to help artists who are finding it hard financially right now, it would mean a lot to us if youre able to buy some of our tunes :heart_trans:


pls also consider supporting any other artists whose tunes youve been thinking about picking up

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Anyone have advice on how to come out to a significant other? Just thinking about it paralyzes me.

In a crazy way, this feels like the first time I will exist. :transgender:

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I'm going to a local trans meet up next week. It will be the first time I get to introduce myself as myself.

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US pol, dem primaries, same-day voter registration! 

California, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Utah and Vermont have same-day voter registration. If you're not registered already, you can register at the polls in these states.

You can find your nearest polling location at the link below:


Politics, EC (pls read if you live in LA) 

Los Angeles! We have opportunity to elect the first drag queen to Congress! And she's a progressive endorsed by DSA-LA :)

i want to marry my gf and take her last name 👭

Still gathering the courage to come out of the closet... But also spending a lot more time outside of the closet. :)

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I just do not believe anyone is pure straight. No one can be surely. This is all a hoax

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BOOST! THESE! SELFIES! (eye contact) 

hey what's up I'm Mads I'm hot and I have an alt account for lewds available on request

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wait why the fuck would Weezer cover No Scrubs

in what would is Weezer not a band entirely made out of scrubs

it's you. you're the scrubs.

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