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For all the new ppl:
Welcome to

My new default recommendation to new "citizens" is to read this post by @laura

She links to the most useful tutorials to get started.

Then, once you are settled in, please introduce yourself to the community with an #introductions toot.

See to get familiar with this decentralised new social media world.

Cheers, Arjen

playing with Integromat and I really like it. It is a cloud connector between (API) services and very flexible.

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If Facebook's new auto-comment feature isn't rock bottom, it has to be close

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Still no documentation and not anywhere close to done, but my #ActivityPub #PHP library is open source at

My goal is to provide a well-tested, flexible library that handles the complicated parts of ActivityPub (JSON-LD, persistence, addressing, etc.) in a way that can be plugged into an existing PHP codebase with no hassle. That'll help me refactor #Pterotype, and will also make it easy for other developers to make developers to make plugins for Joomla, Drupal, etc.

Nice docu on the fake world of Instagram (or any add-based social media platform)

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Crack Cloud: how they used punk as a therapy against addiction

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this blog is now federated through the WordPress plugin Pterotype, now it needs only more posts… 

The ListenBrainz project is similar to the original AudioScrobbler®. Unlike the original project, ListenBrainz is open source and will publish its data as open data.
with browser add-ons to scrobble your plays

Heerlijk concertje weer van Reiger gisteravond in Stathe, Utrecht

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