i haven't posted on here in like a month and most of the people i follow just have autoposting things that post their tweets here

how's it going mastodon

when there's a very big messy discourse on twitter i hope over to see if it's happening on mastodon and no, it's placid fields and quiet streams over here

sorry i didn't post for a week i was at GDC enjoying legal weed and good meals with friends

any san franciscans have food/chill spot recommendations for the general GDC area next week? that's around the moscone center. i forget what the neighborhood is called.

has mastodon had any big schisms or megadramas

it's very quiet round these parts but the structure of this thing makes me suspect i've missed large drama elsewhere

really busy stressful couple of weeks, and same coming up. going to try to super relax this weekend and just like do music or something. need some extremely dead time.

i see you folks who simul-post your tweets to mastodon. not me. you all get 100% original b-side content

honestly i also think people are just happy to see anything that says to them that history hasn't ended, that there are "new" ways to do things, maybe even better ways. that's crucial, especially in recent years.

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but yeah the response has been very kind. a lot of folks just want like all the info about how this works and what it means and how to do it etc. there's a THIRRRRST for upending inherently exploitative structures in the workplace, it turns out

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no one follows me here so you get the side notes and quiet convos about the stuff going on back at twitter dot com

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i mean i care much less about that kind of thing now. after going through all the takes from nitw over the years + being a very visible socialist-y guy in video game dev circles i'm a bit numbed to such things.

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the response to the co-op has been really nice. still waiting for some sort of backlash since it's online but also the culture around game dev is super grouchy and paranoid and stuff. waiting for that "why it's problematic to think this is cool" take. it's gonna happen.

uh excuse me i'm not an "irony bro" i'm an "intermingling sarcasm and sincerity friend"

people seem really supportive and no one's written anything too horrific so that's pretty good

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well hey we launched our co-op today so that's cool. sorry to send you to twitter but all the info is in this thread -> twitter.com/theglorysociety/st

i've had an influx of new followers in the past few days

what gives

we're starting our own competitor to Chuck E Cheese since Showbiz Pizza has been defunct for quite some time

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