there are extremely diminishing returns to reacting to lack of peace only by creating spaces of peace. but geez they can be good sometimes, and we need them. i got this trail.

There's a part at the end of our game where Mae tells her friends that she wishes she could grow huge and pick them all up and take them somewhere safe. In Kentucky Route Zero there are people whose houses were moved to a museum and they can't sleep, so at night a giant eagle carries them to a forest where they can find peace. It's beautiful.

we went out to our beloved Ghost Town Trail today. first day of fall. it was beautiful and actually kinda chilly at times. i want everyone i know who is tired to go there and just walk. or bike. whatever. i want us all to exist for a time somewhere where there's no phone signal, just miles and miles of trees, rocks, river, and trail.

but yeah everything i'm involved with that is really meaningful is very tiring. tbh i think everyone i know who is involved in doing basically anything good for the world is exhausted as hell. i'm super tired and i barely do anything compared to other folks i know. i just do a little in a lot of places.

i realized today that i have like a LOT of conversations regularly that are pretty in depth and about difficult issues and i need to figure out how to only have simple conversations about things i can easily talk about, like dark souls, the bible, what the best ginger beer is

like the house is on fire and you're gonna argue in favor of just hanging out in the kitchen next to the gas stove

I get it if someone's squeamish about socialism but like just imagine making pro-capitalist creative work in 20 goddamn 18

me @ other leftists: don't ever feel like you're not doing enough! capitalism is exhausting and running yourself ragged isn't worth it! small steps add up!!!

me @ myself: I'm not doing enough

@bombsfall if you're a cop, you're in the deepest cover ive ever seen in my life

The problem is if you just say out loud that you're not a cop it just makes you seem like a cop. I have suspected cop anxiety now

There was a thing up about how to recognize infiltrators into your leftist group and I srsly match like 60% of them and now I'm worried people will think I'm a cop. This is the dumb shit I get anxious about.

people are going to unironically like these and that's why that dude shall never go hungry

somtimes i wish i was a littl egg that hathches into a cuddlefish

@bombsfall thanks to jonny sun, we now know exactly what it would be like if jaden smith were sealed inside the barney suit

thinking about becoming the jonny sun of mastodon and tweeting stuff like "frenship is like a good cupncake and you live in you'r frends tummies"

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