basically what i'm saying is i want a younger Sanders who is better at speaking to a diverse set of issues and groups. someone whip that up quick ok we don't have much time

on the bright side if Sanders doesn't run no one will get called a Berniebro. on the other hand if Sanders doesn't run literally the entire field will be made up of folks who think progressive technocratic capitalism is the answer to every problem imaginable. i'm not even a massive Sanders booster but that's kind of important.

maybe if i play my cards right i can get on We Are The Left part 2

folks i can't endure another democratic primary. i refuse

everyone on DSA twitter is subtweeting a bad take and for once i am not online enough to know what's up, but i DID get a cinnamon roll at the grocery store, and there aren't enough tweets about that

introducing a bill to city council to that requires the mayor to log off

one of the downsides of mastodon is you don't get to see our mayor's epic clap👏 backs👏 while having a long quote-RT fight with some rando in the middle of the night for some reason

the good news is that i'm starting 2019 in a much better place mentally and physically than i have in years. the bad news is that i'm out of the loop with like half the things i'm involved with outside of work. so that's cool

speedrunning owns. i'd just like to go on the record as saying i enjoy speedruns and they are good.

tfw you're not up on the drama and kind of don't want to know about the drama but feel like you should know about the drama but don't know who to ask about the drama

stop arguing about which computer is the best or which OS is the best. all computers are the worst. dont use them

it has been cool putting our money where our mouths are on this

well we nailed down the name and legal stuff of our worker co-op and we'll announce it sometime soonish? maybe? it'll be cool

really annoyed at the friends betraying my trust by wrestling the .357 magnum out of my hands after i stood nude on my roof firing at the sky and screaming that the "Stars were wrong"

happy new year mastodon you keep goofin and being the RC Cola to twitter's Coke and creating ever more elaborate posting rules in this new year

Might fuck around and use my Scroll of Jumping to yeet myself into the atmosphere

Please put a CW on toots about boring stuff I’m not interested in

mastodon missed the hopepunk discourse today and honestly you keep doing you, mastodon

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