i'm not sure what constitutes goth anymore. i lost it somewhere around going to the gym in black sweatpants being goth


if like 3 people on here don't post a lot my onscreen TL will show like 3 days even before i scroll

toy story 4 is going to be about funko pops. they can arrest me if i'm lying

i forget which existentialist had the description of a tool feeling like an extension of your body when it's working well, and feeling like an object when it's not. this is how my hand kinda feels these days.

and it's my work hand, so it's a liability. bodies are weird. how some parts become things you see as tools for labor even more than an actual part of you, a person.

so i'm going to the doctor on wednesday to have my hand looked at. combo of too much using it for work and a pretty bad injury last year has made it a bit faulty. not sure what they're gonna do about it. nothing's broken. just like... mildly fucked up.

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Deorbital Autumn 2018 is live.

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i think i've learned to respond to the bad takes if i feel like i have something to say about them without being like hey dogpile this person but the follower count on twitter dot com makes that dicey. whatevs. i try.

part of being involved in games is recognizing that some folks are both abused by work and society and jerks online and so forth and also they are just perennial bad takers. just bad takes, far as the eye can see. like corn at harvest.

My name is Dork McDorkster and I hate antifa and think climate change is fake

"fuck yeah i'm excited to vote for real positive material changes that go way past obama-era managerial capitalist liberalism oh wait the choice is between someone whose vision of a progressive utopia is 30% more diverse boards of directors in the finance industry and a guy holding a gun to my trans friend's head while wearing a homemade stormfront hat"

i'm a voter, i don't mind voting, but i don't think we have to pretend that in a whole lot of places it isn't just damage control

listen ok the guy from my district may be a pro-life pro-war piece of shit but the guy running against him is a complete monster i wouldn't leave alone with any creature he's big enough to overpower. so uh... yeah. vote.

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