people here are talking about will wheaton and if this continues i am so gonna abscond for an instance far away from shitty woke nerd twitter allstars

@videodante @bombsfall nothing like good old fashioned xenophobia to go with their milquetoast liberalism

@videodante that shit sucks ass and tbh all of the folks who would show up there should be locked inside forever like a stuck elevator

@bombsfall @videodante does not communicate with mastodon so yes, they are locked in there

@Gargron @bombsfall i bet you they're the type of people who complain about safe spaces

@silvally @Gargron nah this is the woke flavor of garbage they're probably a-ok with safe spaces tbh

@videodante @bombsfall Out of all the instances out there I have to say I really wasn't expecting there to be an official American Foreign Policy instance

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