suggested replacements for the word "toot" here"
- tweets
- posts
- mastoblasts
- blastodons
- screams
- oh no she twidn't

when will Mastodon get its equivalent of The Woke Gator Tweet

@bombsfall Posts are for blogs. This here is a microblogging platform. We’ve got nanoposts.

@lrhodes *elon musk voice* "nano"? try reading a science book about science

@bombsfall after deliberation I've decided to just go with just "posting"

Because though websites change, posting stays the same

Server I'm on is dragon based, and it's all renamed. You rar, treasure others', echo their rars. Treasured rars are listed under "treasured pearls of wisdom"

(Unfortunately the mobile client I'm using ignores all that, which it probably shouldn't)

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