the response to the co-op has been really nice. still waiting for some sort of backlash since it's online but also the culture around game dev is super grouchy and paranoid and stuff. waiting for that "why it's problematic to think this is cool" take. it's gonna happen.

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i mean i care much less about that kind of thing now. after going through all the takes from nitw over the years + being a very visible socialist-y guy in video game dev circles i'm a bit numbed to such things.

no one follows me here so you get the side notes and quiet convos about the stuff going on back at twitter dot com

but yeah the response has been very kind. a lot of folks just want like all the info about how this works and what it means and how to do it etc. there's a THIRRRRST for upending inherently exploitative structures in the workplace, it turns out

honestly i also think people are just happy to see anything that says to them that history hasn't ended, that there are "new" ways to do things, maybe even better ways. that's crucial, especially in recent years.

@bombsfall nitw is one of my favourite games filled w/ favourite characters ever and made me feel seen in a lot of ways. it's an incredibly inspiring work, and your co-op is as well. what i mean i guess is "don't let the haters bring you down" 😛 :ancomheart:

@bombsfall y'all managed to avoid most of the coop pitfalls I think

@bombsfall are you a bit numbed to people telling you how awesome NitW is, though
Because it is

@bombsfall @Thib oh, in that case, I'd like to tell you about how much I absolutely adore NITW. It has a magical way of telling the truth and I'm so glad it exists.

@bombsfall God remember the "nitw is pro-trump because it portrays small towns as victims of capitalism" take

@FlyFeline oof yeah that turned into a big dumb mess so let's leave that one to history

Well Motion Twin has been working that way for quite a while and I haven't seen such a piece about them so I guess you're in the clear? Then again socialism is not a bad word in France

@bombsfall i feel like i heard about the devs for a game that was popular semi-recently were a coop

was it dead cells? feel like it was
@bombsfall wait, damn, you're part of the team behind night in the woods???
@bombsfall that's incredible, shoot, that was probably my favorite game of (i guess 2017 since that's what y'all said on twitter)
@bombsfall sorry, don't mean to be a weirdo but the one big thing about the fediverse is there's just not as many of like the, to me at least,,, like, idk, people you look up to as you get on twitter and stuff. i forget the word

less "inspirations"? i guess? at least outside of the open source software dev-sphere
@bombsfall so i'm just surprised to see one of the folk behind one of my favorite games historically on here, haha
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