has mastodon had any big schisms or megadramas

it's very quiet round these parts but the structure of this thing makes me suspect i've missed large drama elsewhere

@bombsfall right now we’re dealing with some kpop racists but otherwise it’s pretty chill

@bombsfall we are still feuding with the pleroma people

i think this week it's to do with privacy features

@bombsfall uhhhh sometimes people have pointed opinions about gargron, but outside of that not much. the admin of was recently outed as fed-adjacent, that's really been the most exciting thing in a while. it's quiet here!!

@bombsfall there was some brouhaha back in the bofa days, but by and large the shit-stirrers have been firewalled off into their own corner of the fediverse

@bombsfall i feel like there's a constant stream of petty bickering in/about the fediverse that i largely miss by aggressively pruning my social media garden

@bombsfall oh, yeah. Instances blocking or not blocking, arguments about which compatible instance tech you should use based on its usability/who developed it, emotional admins defederating with other instances because of personal dislike of the admins. What you'd expect.

Interestingly, any "drama" has largely been met with a unified response rather than schisming

some large fediverse drama I saw glimpses of (may contain controversial opinions) 

- Wil Wheaton got harassed off the platform and there are a bunch of people who contest that characterization and also say he needed to be driven off for safety reasons
- a bunch of instances suspended a while ago in objection to Gargron's refusal to take input from the community on things like accessibility
- a bunch of instances suspended after the admin posted about being a proud participant in an FBI infosec program
- a while ago, the furry artists glip and eevee got targeted for harassment because of a really complicated pile of deceptive receipts that a couple harassment sites have been assembling and using to drive attacks on them for years; they got support from their mods, though, and they're still around

I assume other stuff has been going on, too, but those are the ones I noticed and remembered off the top of my head

I'd say the real main simmering conflict is in Mastodon vs Pleroma. Pleroma is developed in a much more democratic process, and a lot of the developers are actually queer or PoC as opposed to Mastodon, where most if not all of the development is done by one cishet white dude. But despite this, pleroma has a lot of 4chan/Nazi/freespeech instances being run on it, so it sometimes gets billed as the Nazi platform, despite the fact that it has much better blocking tools.

@bombsfall it's an ongoing thing, but still I wouldn't say it's anywhere near what Twitter has to offer. There's still only a fraction of a fraction of the amount of open hostility.

@bombsfall There was the shit Wil Wheaton pulled but that's all I can recall

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