any san franciscans have food/chill spot recommendations for the general GDC area next week? that's around the moscone center. i forget what the neighborhood is called.

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@bombsfall There's a little like. idk outdoor deli/sandwich w/e place attacked to the Jewish Museum that I like, when I'm over there. and- idk your Personal Walking Preferences but Roxanne's Cafe is abt 20min away from moscone and it was was MY SHIT for the week we were in SF for a surgery

@bombsfall whenever I go there I usually just do the by-the-pound salad/hot bar at the Whole Foods because I am basic

@bombsfall the area is called SoMa (south of Market St) if you wanna google what’s good. Folsom St is pretty happening. There’s good food and drink. There’s the MOCA and the YBCA right there. SoMa kinda sucks. Its where all the startups are.

@bombsfall Foundry is about a 7 block walk from Moscone. This event should be good. They set up game consoles for free play, there’s a DJ, two bars, Rock Band, possibly a Smash tourney?

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