one of the downsides of mastodon is you don't get to see our mayor's epic clap👏 backs👏 while having a long quote-RT fight with some rando in the middle of the night for some reason

our second annual black friday hike was fantastic. just a truly great afternoon. perfect brisk weather, great trail. A+

we went out to our beloved Ghost Town Trail today. first day of fall. it was beautiful and actually kinda chilly at times. i want everyone i know who is tired to go there and just walk. or bike. whatever. i want us all to exist for a time somewhere where there's no phone signal, just miles and miles of trees, rocks, river, and trail.

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although as i say that the just-released Grandmother is decidedly going for that feel

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Aaaaaaa these presets are the same age as me. The Moog Source was introduced in 1981.

I've seen people mention nudes on Mastodon so to expand my horizons I'm going to post a hot nude:

I'm 37 today. Last night we saw the Bouncing Souls and the Bosstones along with a bunch of other bands. It was very good. I felt at peace. My legs hurt from standing for 7 hours straight. I'm going to sleep.

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