i haven't posted on here in like a month and most of the people i follow just have autoposting things that post their tweets here

how's it going mastodon

when there's a very big messy discourse on twitter i hope over to see if it's happening on mastodon and no, it's placid fields and quiet streams over here

@jeff i'm extremely the opposite when demo-ing. i keep it real af

sorry i didn't post for a week i was at GDC enjoying legal weed and good meals with friends

@hellojed@snouts.online aw fuck yeah regional cuisine

@jeff idea: fake your own kidnapping. that 1) gives you some time off no one could argue with. 2) everyone's really relieved when you come back in a week or so. 3) maybe they did some of the work on your plate while you were away.

any san franciscans have food/chill spot recommendations for the general GDC area next week? that's around the moscone center. i forget what the neighborhood is called.

has mastodon had any big schisms or megadramas

it's very quiet round these parts but the structure of this thing makes me suspect i've missed large drama elsewhere

really busy stressful couple of weeks, and same coming up. going to try to super relax this weekend and just like do music or something. need some extremely dead time.

i see you folks who simul-post your tweets to mastodon. not me. you all get 100% original b-side content

@jeff learning to rest and feel ok about it has been a massive battle

honestly i also think people are just happy to see anything that says to them that history hasn't ended, that there are "new" ways to do things, maybe even better ways. that's crucial, especially in recent years.

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but yeah the response has been very kind. a lot of folks just want like all the info about how this works and what it means and how to do it etc. there's a THIRRRRST for upending inherently exploitative structures in the workplace, it turns out

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