My puppies like to live dangerously!
Harlow (my previous dog) did the same. I’ve had years of practise not moving my chair while I sit in it.


@davewoodx Sweet. What kind are they? Look very much like mine, Nimbus, an English Springer Spaniel.

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@bondo wow, the colouring is very similar. One of mine even has the same brown on the front of her back legs. Mine are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, so same family at least.
You see them better in this pic.

@davewoodx Ah yes definitely related. Funny how they also have these brown spots above their eyes. Our far-fetched theory is that they were developed to make it look like they were awake when sleeping.

@bondo good theory. It’s really hard to tell whether their eyes are open or closed, and that even when you know them. So anyone else (human or otherwise) could be confused.

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